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The following photos of mine received or will shortly receive a notice of 1 month before getting re-keyworded, moved to the free section, or disabled.

My decision has been & will be to disable such photos.

However, I wondered if they're worth it but are lost in the sea of the DT library. Maybe this blog will give them some exposure before I disable them if they don't get sold...

Photo credits: Eliane Haykal.

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I've reviewed your best photos and, other than the bundle of love letters and the fossil fish, the photos in this blog are (in my opinion based on my experiences with Dreamstime) not specific enough or illustrative enough for application to any particular subject, and so have not attracted the amount of attention your other photos have. Of my 744 photos and illustrations now online, only one has been deemed as a non-seller. I converted it to a free image, and 17 downloads have resulted. It doesn't earn me income directly, but it gives me exposure.


Update: I missed the deadline for The African Basket, so I found it today in the Free Section ==> had to disable it :S
Its thumbnail is no more showing in the blog above...


Blogging about this worked in that it gave me "hope" about certain photos!!! I don't want to just disable them anymore but will opt for re-keywording :)


Got that message for a few of my pics...the ones I really like I got rekeyworded...but maybe I'l blog them tooo, let us know if it works:)


Thank you friends :)
@Rosedarc: expect a fossils collage soon :D :D


Hi Elaine, the subject of similars is a complicated one. On a niche segment, if you have many similar shots and few buyers, then you benefit from having few but high quality shots or shots that are stand out from the rest or have a definite selling advantage. There are only few fish fossils shots in the database and although some have reached nice levels, they are definitely not hot sellers, but they are a niche. By gathering some of your fishes in a collage, you add a selling point to your photos. In some other segments with lots of buyers that would not necessarily be a good thing to do.
Anyway by doing that hopefully you sell more of the same photo, hopefully reaching level 2 or even level 3. And I would not give such images to the free section.
Hard decisions, I know. Good luck and keep uploading :-)


I wish I had a few credits to save them sweets!
Where is that door?


Never say never, so that's a great idea! The early images are always special! Good luck, cause you deserve all the best my friend ;)


Great photos and good idea!!!


I changed "Hope" into "Behind Closed Doors" :P If it doesn't work I'll make it "Escape" as Haslinda suggested!


@Noonie: lol, I can never get it in my head to move them to the free section.
@Martingraf: with your comment, you made me start editing a few photos I've been postponing to upload. THANK YOU :D
@Laqhill & Haslinda & Calyx22: already changed the title & keywords - I've no idea why I called it "Hope". I know that that place is from my childhood, I've gone up these stairs a million times & the door reminds of the good people who used to live there...
I wish it's my decision to keep them forever, but I think I'll opt for re-keywording through the keymasters when the 1-month period is up instead of deleting them (once the notice is sent, keywording by the contributor is not among the 3 given choices stated in my blog).


Don't delete or move them to the free section yet, Elaine! I wait for about two years before I do that. I agree about changing the title of Hope to something else, because it's a nice dark and moody shot. And I love the love letters pic as well. Try rekeywording and give them a chance. If you need any help let me know. :)


I like the Hope picture. It is broody and melodramatic. Perhaps change the title to Escape or something else. Why not revise the keywords? Give it some time and see how it goes. Best of luck to you :)


I would definitely NOT delete them just yet, nor send them to the FREE pile until after you have exhausted all other rekeying. I think that will help a whole bunch. I agree with the "Hope" picture that it doesn't give me hope, it is too dark for that, but a new name and rekeying will give them all a boost. I wish you well, and LOTS of sales.


most of your pictures tell a story - everyone who concentrates a bit will realize that - so if I were you I wouldn't think much about deleting but rather putting in more pictures so that we all can go on following your photographic journey in your beautiful country full of things that are just waiting to be photographed by you ;)


Hi, Elaine, I gave up some of my old ones a few months ago, too. Don't know if it helped bring new buyers but it made some cheap people happy! :)


Thank you all for your comments, they're from my beginnings so I'm quite attached to them :)
@Roserdarc: when DT says "similar" do they mean it as you did? The fish fossils are not of the same fish & I still have different ones to upload later. The other lover letters I have is this one:
 Love Letters 2 
Is that considered similar? Not arguing just asking. The denim hearts and the pink dreams are not cropped photos but different angles, I can see they can be considered similars though.
Thanks a lot for your insight!


Some of these images are very similar to others that are on your portfolio; in this case, I think it's a good idea to delete them as they only dilute your sales and make it harder for you to reach level 2 (African basket, denim heart, love letter, pink dreams).
Maybe you could do a collage with your fish fossils, they're nice but you probably have to many similars.
Hope needs perhaps to be re-keyworded, I like the photo but it does not relate to hope in my mind, quite the opposite in fact.
Good luck!


They are all beautiful photos of you had a good idea to have all of the images that they can sell! Greetings eliane!


I think that some of them are quite good and have potential, so I wish you some sales :)


Good idea! Some photos are very good. I hope you will get sales so that you do not have to disable them! Good luck!


I like the first, second and third picture.

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