On the last few month

I restart to produce, image stock oriented, and after, and litle be of reserch, i arrived at the conclusion, beaside the quolity, you must, work in a costant way, and try to upload at list 5 to 10 immage a week to keep your portfolio groing, and the seals as well.

Following ths patern i already see an increase on sales, maibe not directly coreleted to the strategy, but also releted at new work preseted, and the diversification of my portfolio.

I started to shoot more offen, immage editorial orieteded, and creating vectorial immage as well.

Someting else, i see, help very well the expousore of your portfolio, isworking on the seasonal thrend, for exempel before e during Chrismas, working on immage an vectorial immage, and so on.

An other good sugestion, i heard both from an good friend of mine and some stuff, are creating some collage, with the immages, that individually would not have sales, an example can be all those pictures of landscapes and monuments, make a collage as we often see in postcards.

Obviously this is based on my personal experience.

Body art woman with veil

Photo credits: Morgan Capasso.

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March 24, 2015


Tanck you Dotlock

March 19, 2015


I definitely agree with you. And I like the photo you've posted in this blog, very nice!

March 16, 2015


Jayv i am very pleased, you thinking, are similare of mine, over the points I have already described I think there are 2 or 3 other tricks that you can use, one thing is gaurdare produce other photographers and graphic artists for inspiration, and often watch the forum

March 16, 2015


Good I find yours and mine thinking are same.

March 15, 2015


Tanck you Fabio

March 15, 2015


You're on the right track! You have a variegated portfolio, keep it up, congratulations!

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