At last! My forks are in demand :))

Hi, Friends.

I think each photographer has favorite pictures from his own portfolio no matter what other people prefer. Among my favorites were the crazy forks on red, which I personally considered masterpieces, and, of course, was dreaming about level5 in a week, but for some strange reason buyers were not so enthusiastic as I expected ;) But today I had luck! Four sales of these pictures within a day. At last the buyer with similar taste appeared! I wish I could see how he plans to use them.

Here are my wonderful, pretty, charming and elegant babies:

By the way, which pictures from your portfolio are your favourites? Are they the same as your bestsellers?

Photo credits: Julia161.

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Congratulations! Lovely collection! I adore the first!


Yes, it's true! The pictures of fresh air in Moscow Kremlin are pending ;)


Congratulations! You do inspire us! My favorite one is the second photo!

The news here told us that the smog over Moscow got better. Is that true?


Nice table top! Good luck with more sales!

@Eliane why don't you tell the buyers the story! They might show up! :))


Let's not forget your spoons too!
As for me, I love this one as it has a nice memory attached (buyers don't seem to care :P)
 Thorny Background 


...happy for your forks!


If I could predict which of my images would take off in sales I'd be rich. Even when I do more in the same vein as my popular shots they don't do as well. There is some mysterious quality I can't figure out at work in the photos that sell well. The shots I really like, that I think will perform well, usually don't.


Cool photos! Congrats for the sales! :)


After a while...

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