Last week

Last week was a slow week as I didnt have time for much photography, still managed to get some photos online and close in on my 50 uploads goal.

Last week stats:

5 uploads (38 total now)

0 sale (11 total now)

Have 7 photos waiting for approval at the moment.

Did some photography of signs during last week and managed to get most of the uploaded approved. Not sure how they could be used in commercial purpose but hopefully someone else knows. :)

Blank isolated sign

Brick wall with blank sign

Blank grungy sign

Blank sign

Photo credits: Honkamaa.
  • Honkamaa

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August 08, 2011

I remember just about one month back when I finally reached my 50 - felt like never getting there and really I seemed to show that in my pictures because suddenly the rejection rate was extremely high - but then, when I had it things got so much smoother. I will also not get discouraged regarding the sales - if something sells I'm very happy but I'm focused in taking better photos and building up a nice portfolio


August 02, 2011

Thanks for all comments! I am not worried or discouraged about the sales, at the moment I am just trying to build a portfolio. Sales comes later. :)


August 02, 2011

Last summer was slow for me and this one is too. Don't get discouraged, it's cyclical. You showed great progress in just one week! Keep uploading and building your portfolio, and good things will happen. I think your blank signs could be good sellers-- they have lots of potential for use. Good luck to you and stay positive! :)


August 01, 2011

It will get better, do not worry and keep up the good work!


August 01, 2011

You must have patience, continue to upload pictures and keep up your level of acceptance, that way you'll get a return on sales, hello!


August 01, 2011

It`s been a worse last week for most of us. Everybody is in holidays these days and no one is left to buy our photos :)
Don`t worry! Better times will come, and those photos with signs look really great!
Good luck!


August 01, 2011

maybe you ll feel better if i tell you that you are not the only one who had bad sales )) I had only one little sale last week from my farming collection - Here it is

Good luck and i hope next week will bring you a 1 000 000 dollar paycheck! Not sure if it s real with microstock but hopefully someone else knows.