laughing your way to the bank

funny face !

that's one of my all time favourite movies of my eternal favourite model and movie star , Audrey Hepburn.

i am a funny dude but nature. i was not like that all my life. when i was a teenager, i was the most unpleasant person you wish you'd never have met. something like an old grumpy denis the menace but only much older, lol. but as i got older , i got wiser and nicer, ha!ha!

jokes aside.

i started posing for stock more or less as a joke , so most of my earlier self portraits were funny and mostly nutty... or as they like to call it "out of the box".

you know what? the irony is that two or three actually, of my self portraits that sell are of funny character role playing.

so my question for this blog is:


well, I hope so, as my ambition now is to retire rich and crazy,

and tell everyone how I literally LAUGHED MY WAY TO THE BANK...

shooting stock photography ! " ha!ha!...

what do you think? is it possible?

if not, at least, we can all say we had a good laugh trying. lol.

Cheers for coming to my blog as usual. You rock !

Happy shooting and many sales to us !!!


i know i should have posted this blog before Halloween

as some of you here would no doubt comment that the face i wear all year is a great mask for Halloween. lol ;

oh well, maybe next year, i will post this again. ha!ha!

Photo credits: Tan510jomast.

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November 04, 2009


As for me, stock images is what happening in our life daily, like what our eyes see, the photographer captures and brings this out through the pictures. The laugh belongs to our life and this is positiveness, good mood and ability to make jokes about our self. You are doing a great job in acting and your images full of life. Keep it up

November 04, 2009


I've laughed all the way to the camera store a couple of times!!! My family still looks at me funny as I dive into a pile of trash and come out with something exclaiming it will be a great prop and I promise to throw it away when I'm finished (doesn't always happen, of course)!! I hope they don't read this........

November 04, 2009


Yes I think we all need to laugh. great port.Keep shooting

November 04, 2009


Of course there is room for humor in stock photography. We all have to take time out to

November 03, 2009


Well everyone said it is funny, great images, and yeah there is place for everything in stock photography, enjoy shooting.

November 03, 2009


Of course there is a spot for humor in stock photography, great images and a nice sense of humor but I love your little hedge hog image. It is adorable! Keep smiling but you probably should quit cooking![imgr]http://www.5911751[/imgr]

November 03, 2009


I like your spirit! Keep laughing!

November 03, 2009


Ha ha, don't think I want to eat at your place if you're cooking. Might have to call out the fire service. Great shots! Expensive model though, he gets to keep all your earnings ;))) I would like to try this, but my shots would have to be for halloween otherwise I might scare the buyers away ;0)

November 03, 2009


That is funny! I like your spirit of humor, keep it up :))

November 03, 2009


Ha ha !!! that was fun !!! I wish you all the best hopefully you make your dream come true, nice shoots

November 03, 2009


I have been watching your recent self portraits (call 'em portraits with A touch of humor :) for some time now. Keep it up and laugh to the bank. But your not going to cook for me!

The best to ya in cold Canada!

November 03, 2009


eheh what a fun post thanks! :)

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