Layang-Layang Dive Log

Dive Site: The Point

Maximum Depth: 35 meters

Maximum Bottom Time: 50 mins

Time In: 8.00am

Visibility: Approximately 20 meters

Underwater Temperature: Thermocline 25 DCelcius to 29 DCelcius @ 20 meter

Current: Mild towards North-West

There were 11 divers including myself on this dive. Scenery underwater was beautiful blue but dark as well

I first noticed a solitary white-tip shark on the bottom sea at 12 meters.

At the corner of my eyes, I spotted a school of jackfish to the right. Immediately I notified my divers & they zoomed towards the school. It was amazing being in the big school, especially when suddenly a huge Dogtooth Tuna whisked into the school, trying to catch its breakfast. It was like a bom was dropped in between the school except that we couldn’t hear the “bang” sound that an actual bom will give out.

A small school of 10-15 Chevron Barracudas were behind my preoccupied divers. I didn’t bother to tell them of the barracudas’ presence as everyone were so into the jackfish school.

Slowly, we made our way into the blue. It was way too quiet, so I decided to turn towards Dogtooth Lair’s direction looking for more action. Just 10 second later, I heard banging of tanks behind me. It was one of my diver, pointing up above us towards the blue.

Hammerhead! Swimming gracefully alongside our group. There was a line of thermocline above us where a darkish water was below the line while beautiful water blue above the line. The hammerhead hang around for about 2 mins before slowly swimming away into the blue. From where I was, I can see how entranced my fellow divers were with the hammerhead. And I can see how satisfied everyone was because this time there was no chasing by anybody. (Later on the boat, some of my divers told me they actually saw 2 hammerheads in the beginning. A few photograhers were very lucky to get really clear, sharp still shots of one of the hammerhead.)

We proceeded back to the reef for the remaining of our dive. Saw a few more white-tips. Some triggerfish nest (of what a pain they are!!!). Small school of batfish on the shallow reef. Many beautiful species of reef fishes. One really big green moray eel.

We did our safety stop together before ending the dive.

A really nice dive to begin the day. The end.

Photo credits: Dejan/alenka Sarman/hren, Michał Machalski, John Stublar, Miguel Angelo Silva, Asther Lau Choon Siew, Mikhail Blajenov.

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August 11, 2007


Well... d sharks in our tropical waters are not dangerous. They prey on small fishes, not human beings. :) So, rest assured it's SAFE to dive among the school of hammerheads in Layang-Layang Island, Malaysia.

Thanx for dropping by Shootalot!

August 10, 2007


These are beautiful shots! The shot of the jacks and sharks are great. Not too sure I would want to be in the water with sharks after watching the Discovery channel special about the sinking of the Indiannapolis ship during WWII. I just returned from Mexico where my wife and I went on a snorkeling trip at los arcos park just south of Puerto Vallarta. Our guide threw breadcrumbs out to draw a school of angel fish. I tried shooting the school with an old Sealife 35MM underwater camera. Hope I got some good shots but have not gotten my pictures back. If I get anything useful (keep my fingers crossed) I will scan and upload.

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