An LCD monitor for photo processing

An LCD monitor for photo processing

I have always been a die hard fan of CRT monitors from the very beginning when it comes to Graphic Designing, Video Editing and Photo post processing. In last 7-8 years I compared and tested color accuracy of CRTs and LCDs and every time CRT wins. But lately I realized that CRT monitors consumes double energy and extra space on our desks. So I decided to migrate towards LCD monitor, and my research started. In the course of my hunt for perfect LCD monitor I learned lots of technical jargon related to LCDs.

The worst and frustrating thing in the whole process was to explain “What is an IPS Panel monitor ?” to the local dealers of my city Indore, India.

Finally I gave up and ordered my Dell Ultrasharp U2311H monitor

In the end found a good monitor so I thought I should share some of my experiences you guys.

Different LCD Panels

Commonly there are three types of LCD panel monitors available in the market. They are TN (Twisted Nematic), IPS (In Plane Switching) and VA (Vertical Alignment).

TN Panels

Most of the consumer monitors are TN Panel.

TN Panel are low cost and best selling LCD monitors. They offers worst viewing angles, contrast ratio and color accuracy. While IPS and VA Panels are 8 bit, TN Panels are just 6 bit and that’s why they do not display 16.7 million colors of 24 bit true value colors.


1. Low Cost

2. Fast

3. Easily Available across all the brands

4. Best for home users and gamers


1. Poor Color Accuracy

2. Limited viewing angle

3. Not for Professional work

VA ( Vertical Alignment) Panels

VA panels can be found easily compared to IPS. They are superior in terms of quality than TN Panels and cheaper compared to IPS panels.

VA panels falls between TN and IPS panels in terms of price and technology. It offers superior contrast ratio and color reproduction than TN Panels but inferior than IPS panels. Though companies claims that VA Panels are as good as IPS panels but its not true. Thats why they fall somewhere between VA and IPS panels. When it comes to response time and viewing angles VA panels are far more inferior than both TN and IPS panels. The only feature that give VA panels an edge over other two panels is its contrast ratio.

IPS Panels

When it comes to graphic designing, photo post processing or any other work that requires color accuracy, better viewing angles, better contrast ratios an IPS Panel monitor comes to our rescue. IPS panel offers best viewing angles in LCD monitors. But consumer has to pay a handful of money to get an IPS panel LCD monitor, yes IPS panel monitor’s price is almost double compared to TN Panel monitors. But these monitors are worth that price.

Only few players in the business manufactures and sells these monitors.

I bought a Dell Ultrasharp U2311 H monitor and I am quite happy with it.

Here’s the list of some IPS Panel monitors of different brands.


Apple Cinema Displays

Apple LED Cinema Displays


Dell Ultrasharp monitors

Dell 2209WA

Dell 3007WFP-HC

Dell 3008WFP

Dell ST2220T

Dell U2410

Dell U2211H

Dell U2311H

Dell U2711

Dell U3011


LG L2000CP

LG E2370V


LG W2420R

LG W2600HP

LG W3000H


ViewSonic VP2365wb

ViewSonic VP2655wb

Eizo, NEC, Planar, AOC etc., also manufactures some IPS Panel LCD monitors.

Hope you like it. I will try to write and share a detailed review of my new monitor very soon.

Photo credits: Faizan Khan.


ips lcd monitor tn

Your article must be written in English

May 06, 2011


A good post about photo retouching or photo processing.

April 30, 2011


Thanks for the info - I currently use a laptop at home to work on my images, so a good monitor is on my wish list!

April 25, 2011


Thank you all !
Congrats Waghorne for you new monitor !

@ Dslrpix. Yes you are absolutely right Eizo and NEC are the high end and very professional monitors but very expensive as well.

April 19, 2011


If your going to really serious about image editing and want prepress colour accuracy, you need to look seriously at high end nec's or ezio's, as they can be colour calibrated at a hardware level and not in software.

Some of the new IPS panel Dell's are really quite good but they are still not in the same league as a high end Ezio or NEC, even the Apple cinema displays just don't cut the grade when you compare them to the Ezio or Nec IPS high end panels.

I've done over 20 years of doing prepress/image editing and colour work for a commercial printing firm so I'm really fussy about what I use, I currenty have a 26" high end NEC, it's showing it's age now as it only displays around 93% of the Adobe rgb pallette, the newer ones display up to 99+%.

If you have the money, have look at an NEC PA271W.

April 19, 2011


Thanks, after a lot of research I ended up with a Samsung

April 18, 2011


Thanks for sharing!

April 18, 2011


HEy I also faced the same problem. I got an excellent Samsung monitor with good viewing angles and things. I right not cannot see any model no. on front panel.. nor do I remember the name of the monitor. There is a lot of wire clutter of my music studio stuff behind the monitor so can't check from there either. will post u once i find out

April 15, 2011


Thank you Uptall, Sobek85 and Nero67 !

April 14, 2011


Thanks for share!!!

April 14, 2011


great little article

April 14, 2011


nice lcd really

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