Learn by looking

At one time in my life the place I was working just flat closed up and every one there was without a job. We had a job placement guy come in to give a speech to all of us, and one thing he said has always stuck with me.

He asked everyone to think of the three top things they really enjoy doing. After that he asked what a few of them were.

He then said guess what, somebody is doing that for a living. Any thing you can think of somebody is getting paid for it.

The second step is to find somebody that does what you like and become a friend. Just by talking and looking you can't help but learn about it. It's very much like the blogs. It's where a lot of people are doing what we want. Every time I read one I learn something. I get closer to gathering knowledge.

Don't copy anyones style, but learn what makes that person good. Look at the top photos, what makes that picture great.

Learn by looking!

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