the learning curve continues...

im still finding my way through the rejections and acceptances and by looking through everyone elses great work.. i feel kind of silly to be excited over a 60 cent sale but it is my first one..

Open Cafe Neon Sign

i was wondering what had taken so long.. so i feel a little better and im hoping that more will come soon.

Barbeque neon sign

i shot this barbeque pig the other night and had to clean it up a lot in PS, which im also learning..but , hey its the ONLY barbeque pig neon sign on the site i could find, so im a little proud of that.

also im been experimenting with removing and replacing backgrounds( photoshop COULD be dangerous in the wrong hands) and you can see what ive done with my new icon and profile pic..

Photo credits: Tara Golden.
  • Taragolden
  • Sedona, United States
magic carpet

you have a magic carpet
that will whiz you through the air
to maine or spain or africa
if you just tell it where

so will you let it take you
where you have never been before
or will you buy some drapes to match
and use it on your floor?

shel silverstein

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January 21, 2008

Congrats on number one Tara. They'll keep coming! :)