The learning curve has been long and hard......

Whew!!! Well, I have been in Dreamstime as a stock contributor now for 4 1/2 years. I have finally just now had 2000 images accepted!! The learning curve has been long and hard (my acceptance percentage is coming out of the toilet a little dab) and I still have MUCH to learn. I TRY to have a diverse portfolio but I just can't seem to conquer the success of taking pictures of SOME or flowers. I wish i could, because there are some people out there that take some really amazingly awesome beautiful ones!! But I do try taking pictures of everything....from babies to old folks, cowboys to industry, silly to worship, macro to backgrounds...and everything in between! Some of my images are not too bad, and some of them are just flat out not good. This time of my life has been a lot of fun and given me lots of pleasure. I've learned a ton, cried a lot, been amazed and surprised many times, and laughed and giggled bunches!!! Dreamstime has been amazing to work with! Their quality, ethics, patience and tolerance is over-the-top! I guess what I want to say is I love it here, I love Dreamstime, I love doing what I'm doing, I can't wait to learn more and grow to be a much better photographer. I am SO looking forward to the coming months and years doing stock and learning more of what I don't know . This has been amazing...Dreamstime is amazing....I am a happy shooter!!

Morning Coffee

Photo credits: L Hill.

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September 15, 2015


Thank you all for your kind comments and encouraging words. You are what makes dreamstime so great!!! I want and pray all of us to sell lots of images so that dreamstime can stay as the top stock company!!!! Blessing to us all!!!

September 15, 2015


gosh - I remember I looked at your pf a few years ago - you have been so busy in the meantime - and successful - congrats for your great work!

September 14, 2015


Great milestone! Don't ever get discouraged, we learn from everything and try to keep on getting better photos every time. If there's a type of photo that is not coming out as you'd like, keep practicing and taking more photos and trying new settings until you get it the way you want. My acceptance rating is low as well but it makes it all the more sweet when I do get photos that are accepted. Keep on the good work and here's to 4 more years of taking great photos.

September 13, 2015


Congratulations! Well Done!

September 13, 2015


You are doing great. 2000 photos in 4.5 years is not bad. I managed 1300 in 8 years.
Stock photos are not about sunsets and beautiful things. It is more about as you write "taking pictures of everything". Producing a successful photo still requires skill and knowledge. I am also happy to be here. DT gave purpose to my photographic efforts.

September 13, 2015


Very nice and touching article. God bless

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