Learning Process - and sticking with it.

I joined Dreamstime as an outlet for my urge to click the shutter button. I love photography, always have. Now that my career is settled and I have a keen sense of where I am at, I have focused my spare creative juices on taking pictures.

I profess to not be any where near a pro - or even a great amateur. But I have an eye for what looks good and within my limited means - have been learning and growing.

Learning, reading others blogs and viewing other Dreamstime Photographers photos, seeing what works and tweaking what I am doing. What a wealth of knowledge to pick from.

I applaud those that are doing well and those that are just finding their way. Stick with it. I believe if I do - that I will be one of those great photographers with a wealth of stock photo's and a prize cache of dollars to show for it.

With my limited time - I have 33 uploads and two sales. Not a huge deal for most, but for myself, a pat on the back as I learn with each photo I submit, each photo that is regected and each that is accepted. The learning process.

Don't let slow progress stop you if you really enjoy using Dreamstime as your outlet. If anything, I am learning and with each click of the shutter - I get better.

Happy Snapping!

Photo credits: Leah Smith.

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February 02, 2011


Good luck!!!

February 02, 2011


Good Luck

February 02, 2011


Great start! Good luck Leah! :)

February 01, 2011


A good start,good luck.

February 01, 2011


Thanks - I love how supportive every one is too.

February 01, 2011


Hi anf welcome on DT...
Limited time and 33 online files isn't bad! Good luck!

February 01, 2011


welcome Canuck neighbour :P
and equal welcome to Dreamstime. All the best , 33 uploads 2 sales, ... a good start. Hope you're prepared for next winter storm as forecasted for our area , arghhhh !!! oh well, stay in and make more photos for Dreamstime :)

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