Learning to Ride

Last summer, when I was 41 years old my husband and I bought ourselves a couple of dirt bikes (motorcycles)

I've always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle ever since I was a young girl. My family was full of children, though and we never had enough money to go around.

So, now in my forties, I'm learning to ride. Initially, it was quite challenging. I struggled with kick starting the bike, picking it up when it fell over (its very heavy) and gaining confidence. After many mishaps (smacking into a tree for one) and miscellaneous crashes I think I'm finally getting comfortable.

I began my riding career in our neighbor's horse pasture. Then, I graduated to the indoor motorcross tracks. After riding all winter indoors, I tried outdoor motocross tracks. I've learned to jump, and tackle downhills and uphills, but I've still not very fast.

Finally this spring we began riding trails. The terrain was difficult at first because of the rocks, potholes and steep slopes. Slowly, I caught on. By summer time, we'd purchased a 5th wheel toy hauler and started to camp overnight in the mountains.

This has been a great experience for me. I'm having the time of my life and I would strongly recommend this sport to any lady who wants to give it a try. Nothing makes a man more happy than when their wife says, "Hey, honey let's go RIDE!!"

© Sebcz

Photo credits: Karl_kanal, Sebastian Czapnik, Sgcallaway1994.

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October 20, 2008


Way to go girl !!!!
Good luck and drive carefully ;-)
And most importantly - HAVE FUN !

October 19, 2008


Good for you, that's great. It's also nice that you can combine your love for riding with photography. Good luck and stay safe.

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