Learning to Win: My 50th Image on DT

© Aughty
50th image accepted on DT, yea! This was more of a learning curve for me. Not a profitable one, but when you love something and want to do it 24/7 then material things are meaningless. My goal for DT is to have 400 images accepted by March 2009. At that time I should be getting an income from the fruits of my labor. My reward, I get to go solo in London for 3 days in March, hopefully I will make some $$$ from those images on DT to help fund the trip.

What did I learn? I learn how to deal with the limitations of my photography equipment, computer and editing software. And in doing so, they can now better serve me in creating better quality images for uploading to the DT team. I learn to overcome objection, this is never easy: composition, noise, focus, boring, too many of same, copyrights/trademarks, poor color, poor lighting, poor contrast, incorrect exposure, model releases, why did you shoot that, I like most have seen them all. But because of rejection, I am now a better photographer and stock producer. I sharpened my creative and technical skills to pull together all the elements of creating a better image: vision, design, composition, light and technology. Thanks DT for sharpening up my skills to compete in a rapidly growing digital world.

Photo credits: Aughty Venable.

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November 15, 2008



November 11, 2008


Congratulations Aughty! Keep uploading and you will reach your goal soon. Since you have 50+ images on DT, you may consider applying to be exclusive photographer too.

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