Lehman Brothers Building on Seventh Avenue, New York City

© Espion
I was in transit between Montreal and Singapore on the 5 Apr and landed in New Jersey with some 10 hours to wait for the connecting flight. So I took a bus to downtown New York City, dropping off at Times Square, with my camera, of course.

I walked down the famous Seventh Avenue down to Central Park and back, and shooting the usual icons, like the Naked Cowboy. And then there was some crazy wedding photographer doing his photography smack in the middle of the street, stopping the yellow NYC cabs and using them as immediate props, much to the annoyance of the cab driver and other drivers. Then of course there was the architecture.

Also of course I submitted these pictures to Dreamstime as editorial pictures, but seemingly such are not favoured by Dreamstime. (For example if you do a search of the Naked Cowboy you wont get any pictures of that naked icon.)

Then on 15 Sep, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, and I recalled having seen and photographed that building when I was on Seventh Avenue. It caught my eye not because of any outstanding architecture, nor knowledge of their problems - and I always wondered what went on in the boardrooms in that building the evening that day - but more for the captivating triple LED scrolling screens on their facade, which screamed Lehman Brothers.

So I dug up that picture, which was not submitted earlier, and put it up as an editorial. It was accepted after a few days and it became my hottest seller yet. The sales are still coming. But I don't think it can ever pay for my bus trip and dinner in New York City.

Maybe you can read a few "lessons" in the story, like never delete your pictures, or maybe you should go and dig up your forgetten but relevant today pictures now, or maybe editorial pictures can sell as well if not better than RF ones, etc etc.

Personally I think I was in the right place, but maybe not so right time: being there on 15 Sep would have been better. However whatever I have is certainly historic as Lehman Brothers building is no more today.

Photo credits: Lawrence Wee.

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November 04, 2008


thanks for sharing!

November 04, 2008


A good reminder to save all images as one never knows. Congratulations!

November 04, 2008


Very interesting. Great job, good lesson, and congratulations!

Best regards,

November 04, 2008


Congratulations! great stuff!! :)

November 04, 2008


very much congratulate you on this hidden treasure :D

November 04, 2008


Great blog!

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