Leshan Giant Buddha

My hometown in China Leshan,Leshan Giant Buddha, Leshan City, Sichuan Province in China tipped the east coast of the South side of the Minjiang River, near Dadu, Qingyi, Minjiang rivers confluence. Enlightening the seated Buddha is Buddha, 71 meters high pass, the one the world's largest Buddha statue carved stone statues. Buddha cut in the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan reign (713), completed in Sadamoto nineteen years (803 years), which lasted about ninety years.

Leshan Giant Buddha head and mountains together, feet on the river, ask the knee with both hands, body symmetry Buddha, God potential solemn, mountain hewn,

Leshan Giant Buddha close-up (12) Riverside sat. Buddha-high 71 meters, head height 14.7 meters, 10 meters wide head, hair 1021, 7 meters long ears, nose length 5.6 meters, 5.6 meters long eyebrows, mouth and eye length 3.3 meters, 3 meters high neck, shoulder 24 m, 8.3 m long fingers, from knee to foot 28 meters, 8.5 meters wide feet, the foot can be sitting around a hundred or more.

Photo credits: Dengqingke.



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hoho,,thanks!,,welcome to LeShan china .


Beautiful and mystic images!!!


Wow! It is amazing!


Nice pics,good luck with the sales


Oh my god, that`s a really huge statue! And it looks really great! Thanks for sharing! Maybe one day I`ll have the opportunity to visit it!


Awesome statue. I really like how you captured the magnitude of it in your 3rd and 4th photos. Thanks for sharing.


Great photos! Thanks for the information!


Beautiful images thanks for sharing, good luck.

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