A Lesson Learned!

I am not proud to be admitting I have learned the following lesson the hard way. By sharing this experience I hope others may avoid making the same mistake.

After reading many times about the importance of backing up files at least twice for safe keeping, I purchased an external hard drive wih plenty of space. Although I had planned to copy my photographs, there was always the urge to spend any spare time capturing that next shot as the idea came to mind. My computer was only a year old, how could anything go wrong I often thought. There was always the next weekend to finally put the external hard drive to use. The next weekend came and went until, yes you guessed it, the computer died! Reality came crashing in around me and the thought of hundreds of hours of time and effort being wasted do to my lack of organisation was a sickening thought. If only I had taken the time to back up my images.

Fortunately for me, the files were eventually retrieved and are now saved on two external hard drives. As the saying goes 'prevention is better than cure.'

Photo credits: Vicki Vale.

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September 04, 2015


Hi Vicki - thanks for sharing but don't beat yourself up. I am a graphic designer of (say it quietly) 18 years and recently went on holiday leaving my 19 yr old nephew to house sit. He managed not to kill the dog or burn the house down but unfortunately plugged an electric guitar into one of my iMacs (to use Garage band) and literally blew it up - when dismantled the power supply, motherboard and hard drive were toast. When I had recovered myself I went ot my backups (s) - one was local on the iMac on a second partition of the primary drive for ease of recovery... gone with the hard drive. The second was in a remote enclosure, switched it on. Click, Click Click of death. This second drive was may be 3 years old. So I have lost 6 years of iPhoto files on that Mac (no client files though thankfully). So the moral is, not only have a backup - but actually have TWO and on SEPERATE DISCs which are relatively new or high grade such as a Western Digital Black series (not all drives are equal) - The NAS mentioned by Matthiase is a good operation (a network accessible drive) and then you can have a local standard drive off this on its USB3 / Firewire port - or you can set up your own 2 or 4 disc RAID box these days for not too much cash (which is what I am doing now) which writes ever back-up twice for you. Second moral: - never, ever, leave your equipment accessible to a relative whilst on holiday. Best wishes Paul

August 26, 2014


I have NAS server for backup up all my photos and vectors. I have lost a few images before and i don't wanna do that again.


August 26, 2014


Yes you are right about memories being important. They can't be replaced. Storage on Adobes Cloud could be an option. Something I need to look at too.

August 26, 2014


Yes, one of my biggest fears as well. Not only a PC crash but theft, fire or any other matter that can make my pictures "disappear". For me it's no so much the work, but all about the memories! Holidays, social events, parties, ... material things can be replaced but the pictures are a part of my memories and are irreplaceable. You can't just "do it all over". I have an external disk as back-up and an extra that is at my mothers house. The problem is I really have to think about taking back-ups frequently. So I'm looking into the option of an affordable cloud based back-up system that is big enough to storage the important pictures. If anybody has any suggestions, don't hesitate to fill me in! ;-)

August 24, 2014


I had similar situation with mostly finished editing of my video diploma work but with not so lucky end. Since then copying to hard drives and to discs is almost reflex :)

August 23, 2014


Yes, that's a hard lesson to learn, but one that people should remember! Thanks for the tip on how to backup your files!

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