let me dream

  • February 24, 2009

Relaxing by the pool

I'm dreaming of summer .. relaxing by the pool, sun and great company some wine .... well - dreaming that is .. as it's cold today and has been all month .. rain rain - bahhhh !

Happy rain

as they say - rain rain go away! come again another day! ....

Photo credits: Keki, Rosco.

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feel free to pass by malta some day and lap up some rain :)) (well it stopped today .. hehhe but has been going on for a month!)


Yeah in this part of the world we are crying of sun, too much hot, just summer started and its already 30 will reach 50 plus very soon.


hey, it all depends on the side of view: here it's nice and hot, 33 degrees, and everyone is waiting for rain. so what? ;-)
sunshine greetings from p.e.


Keki, I could not help but go and jump in the pool on your behalf :0)