Let me introduce you

Hi. Let me introduce you so some of my images without any views as yet. I am sure this is only temporary but they are beautiful and I would like to share them with you.

Here are two Barn or European Swallows trying to get onto the same perch.

This is a young Wildebeest walking in the Kalahari grass.

Another rarity in Southern Africa is this Abdim's Stork.

Here is an image to give you an Idea of what the some of the Kalahari landscape looks like.

This is a Pied Avocet shot in flight...a first for me.

For me, the Suricate or Meerkat are the gems of the Kalahari.

Lastly this Cape Bulbul photographed near Cape Town.

Photo credits: Neal Cooper.

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May 05, 2010


Thank you for your positive comments and for viewing my portfoliio. My aim is to get to 400 images online before year end. With the slow download at DT I need to evaluate which stock photo site is the best for my kind of work.

May 03, 2010


nice captures!

May 03, 2010


Very nice!

May 03, 2010


Beautiful photos!

May 02, 2010


I think I mentioned it to you before....it is my dream to see the meerkat.....thank you so much for sharing. Nice shots.

May 02, 2010


Great shots, well done, wishing you lots of luck :)

May 02, 2010


Great pictures dude! For me it`s like a dream to have the opportunity to shoot such great pictures! At least to go there in the wild where you can find those kind of animals!
Keep up the good work!

May 02, 2010


Wonderful portfolio! I wish you much success. I especially like the hot air balloon shot. Great!

May 02, 2010


Great shots!

May 02, 2010


Your images are amazing, thanks for sharing.

May 02, 2010


Amazing photos! Well, they donĀ“t have any views yet, but they will have ;) ... Great photos! Good luck!

May 02, 2010


All good ones especially the SURICATE

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