Let's Go Shopping - at the Malls!

Anyone love shopping? It is the weekends, y'all. Let's have fun!

Why do I have so many pictures of shopping malls? Simply an obsession with shopping. While online shopping is convenient and saves time, there is nothing like being there physically in the stores checking out clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

If you are heading to the big cities, don't forget to photograph shopping malls. Each mall has unique architecture and lighting. It can be quite challenging capturing the people and the stores into the frame but it is worth the time and effort!

So combine a passion for shopping and photography, it is hardly work when it so much fun.

Such photos can be uploaded as editorials or RF. For RF, more editing is needed as logos, brand and store names must not be seen and people faces need to be blurred. They do sell more than editorials. My personal preference is editorial as I want to see the brand and store names. For such editorials I think having crowd of people browsing at the stores depicts a sale and that is the point being at the malls.

Photographing at Shopping Malls

- to avoid large crowd and jostling, come on a monday or tuesday.

- go to 2nd level and higher to get a vantage view.

- practise handheld techniques as using the tripod will likely attract security's attention.

- don't lean the camera lens directly on the glass display, especially jewellery and branded items - security will come calling. Haha, learn that the hard way.

- using a polarizor helps to avoid reflections, also slows down the shutter speed by about 2 f stop - that helps in creating ghostly images.

- shoot upwards too because the ceiling decors are fantastic.

- if you have family and friends with you, photograph them shopping, pose them with shopping bags - such scenes sell.

- come during weekends as malls usually have special events that draw the crowd and provide photography opportunities.

Where I live in Singapore, shopping here is a past time. There is a saying "Shop, shop till you drop". Love this mall decorations. It was taken at Paragon, Orchard Road. - the shopping haven here. A very big thank you to the buyer as I reach a milestone for the latest sale.

For those in need of retail therapy cure, you don't have to sacrifice the burning need to be at the malls. Leave the credit cards but bring along the camera instead. Watch your effort turn into sales instead of spending money on unnecessary items.

Have fun folks! Be merry but always wary! Cheers!

Photo credits: Haslinda.

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June 25, 2012


There are many shopping store now.Online shopping is one of the reliable one.

July 13, 2011


Nice article thanks for your thoughts and ideas - will carry my camera next time i head to the mall - take care

July 12, 2011


Thanks for all your comments.
@Rosedarc, I thought about starting a collection but have not gotten around to it.
@Mariaam, I like to write and hope the information is helpful in some ways.
@Karen, I believe in sharing information, we all can learn from one another.
@Yelo34, just wondered how Canada is different.
@Livingstonatlarge, wishing you luck and happy shooting.
@Kittycat, wow, security sure are strict where you are. When I see security nearby, I don't normally shoot in their presence. A good time then to go up another level and come back when they are not there.
A good place to shoot is at street level where it is a public area. Good luck to everybody. :)

July 11, 2011


Thank you.Several malls in my area will not allow any pictures in the mall at all. I was not inside a store I was taking a bench image and they came up to me and said no pictures in the mall. Maybe I should try another city. Good info though.

July 11, 2011


Great info. I'll have to remember it when I get to where there is a mall :)

July 11, 2011


Good Tips. A little different in Canada, though.

July 10, 2011


Good tips

July 09, 2011


Thanks for sharing all the good tips!

July 09, 2011


Good idea, they seem to sell rather well on your portfolio. Maybe you could create a Shopping Mall Collection!

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