Let's protect our environment

We all know that our environment and climate are very important for us and our world.

We could help the protection of our environment by making photos with a clear statement.

Look in your neighbourhood for instance. Everywhere we can see situations nobody wants.

And maybe DT can create a new category (e.g. pollution) for these photos.

What do you, fellow photographers, think about this idea?


Photo credits: Jmarijs.


Your article must be written in English



It definitely would be good to reduce pollution - when we lived in the Dallas, TX area (the air there is the worst second only to Los Angeles) my young siblings would get pneumonia in the summer time from being outside too much during "orange" and "red" pollution days. Now we live in Colorado, and the air is much better and we have seen a big improvement in our health!


i think that each and every step that might promote awareness of the pollution and environment issues is more then welcome, blessed actually !
we must remember that we are responsible for our children future !
and everyone of us CAN contribute by spreading the word, and recycling, promote alternative (solar for example) energy & etc....

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