Let’s raise our voices with respect

I'm tired of American Politics. You can't turn on the TV these days without politicians or their surrogates slinging mud at each other in very loud voices, and we still have 3 months until the election.

Political Mudslinging

The level of discourse in this country seems to reach a new low each day. But this has also made me think about the way we treat each other on social media. It seems that the animosity of the internet has given rise to a new social "norm" for how we speak with each other - and it isn't pretty.

Take the the forums here for example. In general - in business it's a good motto to never insult the customer. But I have seen numerous examples of contributors ridiculing - and down right degrading - buyers for asking questions in the message boards.

Let's remember that not everyone speaks English as their first language - and new users who haven't been around the industry for years and years may not understand the ins and outs of all the license options and their implications. As contributors, we should be helping people use the site and to find the perfect image for their needs.

For Sale by Owner

After all, a happy customer is one who is more likely to come back to this site again and again. And it may take only one slight to lose someone - and their colleagues - for good. We should be encouraging people to ask questions because every response we provide is an opportunity to upsell our products and services.

And while we're at it, how about we start treating each other a little better too? This forum has always been a great place to learn from each other and share our accomplishments. And while 99% of the interaction is still positive, the 1% that isn't is starting to get more and more negative, nasty and loud.

Big Book of Sins

My momma used to always tell me, if you don’t have something nice to say - don’t say anything at all. I say never put anything online that you wouldn't say to someones face. And while we can’t always write in rainbows and unicorns, we can say what we need to without getting personal and mean. All it takes is a little mutual respect.

Internet troll hiding behind laptop

Oh I know, I have probably just invited all the Trolls to have their day telling me the countless ways I am wrong - or stupid - or wasting everybody’s time. But I am just tired of all the negativity, and shouldn’t we at least try to be the change we want to see in the world? Now if we could only get our politicians to do the same!

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August 14, 2016

Well said!


August 14, 2016

Nicely put!


August 13, 2016

Keeping away from the media (paper & TV) does give some peace of mind.
Like that big book of sins :-)


August 11, 2016

One day all things will be good.hope


August 10, 2016

Yay you go girl! I am all about respect and kindness over all the mudslinging going on.. and I for one, as an american, am very very embarrassed by the conduct of clinton and trump both!!! Be the voice you want to hear and change the world for the best but do so with kindness wisdom and gratitude! we need more of that in the world for sure! You did good.


August 10, 2016

This "troll", me, approves this message:) Kindness is the order of the day!


August 09, 2016

Congratulations for your work and article.The same happens in Portugal and EU countries!


August 08, 2016

Well said Karen. We had all that a couple of months back with the EU Referendum. I given up looking at the news now, too depressing. Perhaps we should have "Good News Only" channel - now there's a thought!


August 08, 2016

Great post and well said. However I do think DT is still a lot more friendly and supportive than some of the other forums. Be nice to keep it that way! And excellent point about maintaining professionalism esp with buyers' questions.


August 08, 2016

Well said Karen I totally agree with everything you say. I am fed up with seeing all the sarcastic insults. We are all entitled to our varied opinions. There is enough animosity in this world and I really feel that Dreamstime is not the place for it.


August 07, 2016

The voice of reason cries out in the wilderness.