Let's talk about Taoism in China

Taoism is the only local religion in China. It had been established more than 2500 years ago, the originator named LaoZi.

LaoZi is a very famous ideologist in china, the spirit of Taoism was still effecting every person's life.

Taoism spirit mainly stress the relationship between person and nature, and the theory of YinYang was indeed used in Chinese traditonal medicine.

Let't take a instance to explain the spirit of Taoism. There was a story. Long Long ago, a king went to hunt, unfortunately he lost a very beautiful bow, at first he was very upset, but he was soon get rid of it and said: It is just a bow, I lost it, my national person get it, it is egality. However, a minister rectified him and said: actually it is just person lost a bow and person get a bow. it is eqality. Finally LaoZi said: according my notion, it is just lost and get.

From this story, we can fairly know the essential of Taoism spirit, which is material exist in this world, material would not be renascenced and extinguished.

Now we all know this principle, but LaoZi had claimed this 2500 years ago, what is amazing!

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Thank you!

Actually the spirit of Taoism is very profound, even lots of chinese person hardle to explain that clearing, but the spirit of Taoism keep indeed effecting their lifes all the time.


Vert interesting story and wonderful images.


Great blog.

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