Let Us Go On A Picnik

Have you ever been on vacation, took lots of photos about everybody and everything, and discovered you need your sweet laptop with Photoshop beside you right now to process some of your photos you want to add to your travel blog?

I don't like to take my laptop with me when I'm traveling. Worrying about my photo equipment is already enough for me, so I leave everything else safely home. Plus dropping additional weight is usually very practical too, if you want to travel by bike or foot tens of kilometers or climb over some mountain.

© Noonie
But then after an exciting day, you're sitting in local Internet cafe, writing a blog and after downloading some great shots from your camera, you are thinking: "Why, oh why, I didn't brought my laptop with me, I could at least crop those ugly edges out, straighten tilted horizon and adjust light balance a little..."

But situation is not desperate at all. A little while ago I surfed on the Internet and found myself on the website www.picnik.com.

© Godfer
It's an online photo editing site. There are lots of tools, beginning with cropping, rotating and endings with adding text and using all kind of effects. All you need is to upload your file, edit it and then save back on your hard drive. It's absolutely great, huge help in images editing, when you don't have your own tools ready at hand.

Photo credits: Akhilesh Sharma, Godfer, Guarant, Scott Maxwell, Susan Leggett, Norebbo, Tezzstock, Vladvitek, Yuri_arcurs, Zoom-zoom.

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:) pretty same here. I don't like to carry additional weight too while traveling. But I don't call it laziness. It's more practical wisdom... ;))


thanks give ur time to share ur topic here. :) I also lazy to bring my laptop during outdoor shooting. because my laptop 2.6kg.......is too heavy for me......


I have a Vosonic VP5500 in my camera bag to download all my images while traveling. I'm not sure if resizing would be a good idea, cause when your pixels are gone, they are gone, you can't have them back. That's why I like to store all my RAW files intact - you never know when you gonna need them. Sometimes after some months I have discovered, I would like to print full size some of my photos I have in my web gallery. But when I don't have a large copy, I need to postprocess it from RAW file again, and sometimes it's hard to get the same look as the web version has. Now I save all my postprocessed files as large as I can in my folders, and only then resize a copy for web use, even if I initially think I wouldn't use them anywhere else. The reason I love my VP5500 is that it has 3.5" LCD and I can review my images easier than on camera, and of course I don't have to carry my laptop in my backpack.


My problem is overshooting and having to download my images to laptop to free up space on memory cards. I would rather pack up laptop, camera, lens, tripod and leave some clothes behind. But using resize on the fly seems like the way to go when laptop is not available. Thanks for the tip.


You are welcome, Noonie! It's a good idea to go out, fresh air makes wonders. And don't forget to bring some cheer-up gifts (some funny pebbles or plant or berries or something - I have no idea how warm do you have down there...) to your hubby when you come back home. Happy people recover faster. :)


Hey, Maigi, I'm way behind on reading the blogs....thanks for using my photo! Sometimes I wish I had a laptop, not that I go far away but I get so curious about what I shot. Can't really tell what's on that little screen. Think I'll go ride or climb a mountain today. Husband is sick and I'll probably get it so I'd better go out!


Wow! That sounds terrific! I just looked at the link and I can't wait to try it sometime! I have been using http://www.resize.it, and it is pretty good, too, but from looking at Picnik, I think Picnik probably has more features. "Resize it" is good, though, for setting a crop box to an exact number of pixels - which I use for doing online images ads with Google Adwords at work. :)


:) you are welcome


Hi Maigi! Thank you for the useful advice.


Thanks for the info, but I am the same as Creativei, cant leave home without my laptop either...


Thanks for sharing this Maigi, but I cant leave without my laptop, Laptop, Mobile and Camera can never be missed.

Well nice discovery, thanks for that, I think Adobe is launching the online photoshop very soon.


Hey Maigi,
I've just tried it up! It's very cool! Real online Photoshop. I'm gonna use it if I need it on my trips. Thanks for sharing!

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