Letting go

I know a lot of you have pets I guess if you do, you know what I am feeling I grew up always owning a dog. In addition, I have lost a few. This is my baby .He is 15 and is not doing to good. I do not want to see him suffer but I am a little selfish and want to keep him as long as I can. I guess what I am saying it is so hard to decide when to let him go peacefully.

Hugs to Hooch


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Update on my baby


Tomorrow is the day.Send your hugs to Hooch (and me)I am soo sad!
Hugs Debbie


Thanks Petergau and thanks DT for accepting his photos he will live on in my heart and on someones web site,but for now he is still waiting


I am so sorry,
This is one thing I do really understand and I feel for you. From my own simular experience i would take Sgcallaway1994's advice and let the vet come to your house when its time.
Again, I feel with you


Thanks Littledesire and Creativei.He is still with me he seems to have no pain.The vet says it is old age and prob cancer.He has chewed some bad places in himself but we have them well now,He has some bladder problems and has doggy Alzheimer's,
Hugs Debbie


Be strong, Debbie! We're with you!


Death, the word itself is so painful and strikes terror.
Well I'm not that attached to either dog or cat, but my parents are. I remember my mom had a dog, which she adopted wen its owner abounded in the street, and was badly injured, my mom took care of it and was with her for almost 12 years. First time I saw a dog crying, in its last one week it used to weep whenever mom was near him. I couldn't believe it, and even in its death bed it used to bark at me. hehehehe.

Whatever be it animal, human being death is painful we should be prepared for it, coz every soul in the planet will taste death.


Thanks for sharing that Mani .We decided on the day we have to do this we are getting him a whole bag of reese cups(his favorite )And maybe a big steak first.Sorry for your loss sgcallaway


Just saw this in the News now. Thought of sharing it!
Take care Debbie


Its a difficult decision to have to make, but he will let you know when its time. Our old guy hung in there for quite a while. When one night he didn't have the strength to stand by himself anymore. He'd been content until that point. We actually had the vet come out to our home the next morning to put Fred down, it was truly peaceful for him. He would have been stressed to have to go ride in the car to a vet's office.


Thanks cosmosteller He is a mixed breed He is part mastiff not sure how much he was a reuse dog.I got him when he was a puppy.Thanks lingone and ischneider.
hugs Debbie


So sad...
I can understand your feeling....because I also have had the same experience with you.


Is your Dog a Spanish Mastiff??


Hi...I have been there quite a few times with my Dogs......My last one to pass on was a Great pyrenees Mountain Dog....Cosmo........he was sick with a Tumor in his throat for a few months.....but he let me know when it was the day when I had to take him to the Vet!!...your dog will let you know when he can't go any further...just watch him closely....he will let you know....don't forget he wants to be with you as long as possible....so wait till he tells you.....and it is very quick and painless when they go to sleep.....I was on the floor with my Cosmo when they put him to sleep......so don't worry it works out OK.....


So sorry to hear about your dog and the hard decision you are faced with. I have been through this twice; with a dog and a cat. So far, these decisions have been the hardest thing that I have experienced. I wish you lots of strength. My thoughts are with you.



you guys are sooooooo sweet.I am going to talk to the vet again tomorrow.Than I will make my decision.Hooch Has good days and bad days .
Hugs to you all


I'm really sorry to hear that... I know how it feels and it's always such a hard step to take. My thoughts are with you.


A tough and saddening situation if there ever was one! We have always had pets around in the family here... cats and dogs... and it is the saddest of moments when any are lost. They become true members of the family.
In the end, though, if the animal is suffering and there is no hope for a cure the best would be to say good bye


I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles. My Cat died on Sunday morning and it has been so hard because she was 19 years old. She went easily and quickly though, and for that we were thankful.

I assume your dog may have some kind of problem (my cat was in end stage renal failure) so the best advice I can give is go and look up on the interweb about the condition. I found a hugely helpful site which explained the symptoms and causes and had an excellent section on when to euthenise. It can make for difficult reading but it will help you to prepare yourself (both emotionally and practically) as well as knowing when the right time has come. If you have never been through anything like this before, it can be a shock... the reality of it.

Hugs to you and yours. You'll do your best for Hooch, I am sure of that.



I had a dog for 17 whole years, since I was 6 years old. We grew up together. He passed away one Christmas several years ago. It was quite hard for me and for my family to watch him during the last monts, because he was ill and could hardly move. We never tought to put him to sleep or something like that, just were taking care of him and did everything we can for him to comfort. I think he was one happy dog, lived his life in dignity and still has a special place in my heart.


sorry to hear about your dog. I know that feeling too .. i guess it's for the best


Sorry to hear about your dog Debbie, I know it's a tough decision to make but maybe it would be better if he wouldn't have to suffer. I am sure your dog loves you very much.


I am sorry to hear that,i also have 2 dogs and i do not want to think what i will do when i will need to let they go....my thoughts are with you,Gabriel


I know that feeling and the sorrow, too :-(
My thoughts are with you too.


I know it's hard, but think about the dog's suffering. I have had to put dogs I loved dearly to sleep and it was a hard decision. However, in the end, I knew it was for the best. Another dog won't replace what you had, but will add another dimension to your life.


Thanks for all the kind words and yes I think he will let me know I just hope Its a day early rather than late like you said Teekeyee.
Gyeah wow 20 yrs old you both are lucky to be with each other that long.
You are right studio Thanks
Thanks Mani Yes his memories will live on
Hugs to u all Debbie


Only people who own and love a dog like you, know in what difficult situation you are. Mu thoughts are with you and wish you all the strength for the coming period. Take care![


Yep. I understand you. I have a dog 20 years old, and she is sick. Now I have a puppy 4 months old and a little cat 4 months old, to let go my old dog easier. But it's hard.


My thoughts are with you Debbie. It is a difficult decision (I know...have not one, but three! 15-yr old dogs) as we always want to do our best for our pets and yet never want to part with them. A friend of mine, who also has dogs, said something to me several years ago that I have never forgotten. She says better one day early than two days late.... but I also believe our pets let us know when it is time. I hope when his time truly does come that you will feel comforted knowing you gave him the ultimate gift of a peaceful and loving release.


So sad...
At least you have the conscience that he was happy with you so he did his role in your life and you were the best owner he could have!
He's alive in your memories and here on DT.
Take Care.

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