Level 5 - My Birthday Gift

Is the title of this blog confusing?? Well it shouldn't be. Lately there was a debate on the board about whether assignment images should be shown first in the MOST POPULAR section in our portfolio. I had voted that they shouldn't be. The reason was simple. An assignment image if approved just takes a week to reach level 5. It might be worth that level, but then it spoils the fun in the most POPULAR section. Fancy this I am a member since September 2006. And it has dawned May 2009 to actually have an image reach level 5 by virtue. The image on the left of an Indian beggar girl lying on a floor covered with yellow turmeric outside a temple is the prize image :)

This image has been online since 12/06/2006 . Its my bestseller on DT. Today it celebrated its 100th download. I am so happy! The timing couldn't have been better. It happens just 2 days before my birthday. I have had many images which were of level 5 due to assignment submissions, but I always thought that these images which are actually LEVEL 5 by downloads are missing the limelight that they deserve. They were always overshadowed by the assignment images, which took the credit of being most popular images in my portfolio. Now the question arises here..... How will a regular or normal user understand that this image is not an assignment image. I normally turn the exclusivity of assignment images OFF after they have been online for a year, so the exclusivity flag will also disappear. It feels good though whatever the results. This image has broke through the odds and made it here. And more are following. Wish everyone "LEVEL 5" images that reach that status by their virtue as well :)

Love n' Regards



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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Thanks everyone for your wishes!!!


cograt dear nikhil...! :D


Congrats and best wishes for your birthday! I love that photo, its 5th level is completely deserved!

I don't totally agree with you on your treatment of assignent photos though. My best seller happens to be an assignment photo. It has 33 downloads and maybe one day it will have 100 downloads on its own, but it will never appear in my homepage just because it was once an assignment photo... I understand all your reasoning, but anyway I believe it should be the photographer's choice.

Best wishes again! :-)



Love the image,you caught the sadness in her eyes, very touching.Oh and best wishes for your birthday.


Congratulations and happy birthday to you.


Congratulations - it is a great image. Hope you had a good birthday!


Congratulations and happy birthday to you.


Very moving image, hopefully it was used wisely to some good effect, as I am sure it was intended when you took it. Congrats on the sales and have a happy birthday.


Great job...keep up the great work!


Happy birthady and congratulations for level5 of this touching image. It is a great image, well-made technically, well composed and very touching as for emotion!


i agree, the top image of that little girl is moving, what a fantastic capture. I can only hope that life has been nicer to her since you took the photo.

Congrats - rebecca


Amazing shot! It deserves really! Congratulations


Congrats, and happy birthday in advance.


Congratulations!good shot!


Happy Birthday! I love the shot, too. I have a few trying to climb out of level 3, hope I live long enough to see level 5 :-$


Congratulations on your well deserved level 5 achievement! This image is very compelling. Best wishes to you for your birthday as well!


Congrats for your first level 5 image! It's really great!
I totally agree with you about assignment images!

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