Level Four, Windows 7, Photoshop Cover Action Pro and Ultimate Social Community all in one.

Hello all my DT friends.

So many news things in this past one week. First one of my image reached the landmark Level Four, This image of Abu Dhabi City,

, finally I recorded the 50th sale, 51 to be precise. Now I'm waiting for these images to reach this land mark, some picture needs just few downloads to reach level 4.

These images were taken for some of the work I was doing for client. All of them were not intended for stock, and most of them were shot before I joined DT.

Now the second good things finally I was able to test drive the Windows 7, It seems a cool OS, I installed in my Mac book Pro, as secondary OS. (boot camp failed, but managed to install without boot camp). This I guess will be the best OS from Windows after XP, I still love XP. Its much faster and hassle free. Will be testing it on a regular PC soon. Only thing I wasn't able to work around was converting it into a local webserver to test my web development work. Otherwise its cool, I suggest people using vista to upgrade to this version, will save lots of time. Im using 32 bit Windows & ultimate

Finally would like to share some Photoshop Action, which I purchased recently for some of my project. Its an unbelievable actions for box, cd, dvd, magazine and for anything to do for presentation. I just love this and I'm saving lots of time doing same thing in Photoshop. I suggest designer here to go for this, I'm not promoting this product nor am I a affiliate member. just wanted to share this cool product. See the Demo & Official website here. Watch the video in there site to know more about this product.

Well that's for now, been very busy these days, got loads of images to edit and post production might see some of my new pictures soon, been little inactive in uploads should catch up soon.

Well I would like to get some feedback from people using Windows 7.

Finally I will be rolling out a facebook like community website just for photographers soon, due to time constraint using some template for this site later if it works might redesign the site. This site will have blogs, classified ads, photographers directory worldwide, social community, images, videos, forum, everything in one interface. It will be a beta version and will be launched soon, hope to see all the DT photographer there.

Photo credits: Creativei.

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Thanks Seema Just doing some beta testing of the site.


Hi Altaf Congratulations on reaching Level 4. Luuuuuuvvvvvvvvvv your images.Specially the Abu Dhabi one.Good luck with the website & looking forward to its launch :)


Thanks Marilyn and Rolmat.

Wildmac, Windows 7 is really faster, I can say 80 percent faster than Vista. And even XP I guess. I have done lots research and read many article before installing the OS.

Mani, I think I should send my suggestion, if not when my site is launched you can support me .


Congrats, keep up the good work!! :-)


Hi again Creativei! Well I think you better send your suggestion about hiring me as a moderator for blogs to the support :P
Indeed I love being here! And I like the poeple as well!

I am a webdesigner and I don't have my own page! I love blogs but I don't have one! So I have to spend this energy somewhere! :)))


Excellent images! Congratulations on reaching level four it's an excellent image. I've been thinking about trying out Windows 7 myself. I understand that it's a lighter program for the computer to run than vista, so system should run faster due to more resources being free. I'd be interested to hear what other people think of it.


Congratulations on your achievement -- The capture of the storm clouds in ABU DHABI is wonderful. Cheers!


Thanks Brad,

Orangee, I use Adobe illustrator for all illustrations.


in which software u did the islamic art


Congrats on the Level 4!


Littledesire: Wait for little more time, I will launch it.

Yeah Aginger, its been a tremendous week.

Lingong I'm glad some buyer liked my images and I got some sales.

Fotomagigue, thanks for your comments


Wow! A great day for you!


Congratulations,my friend!!!
You have so many Level Four and Level There images,that's great!


What a week..congratulations!


I'm waiting for a long time to see your site! You'll definately have me (and some other active DT members) in there!


Strengths: Uses less resources to run, only 1 lock up in 3.5 months, XP, Vista compatibility works good. Runs faster than vista, and it seem to fix not responding program problems quickly.
Weaknesses: Just a bit of security issue right now, and there are a few programs that run slow in the XP and Vista compatibility part.
Overall Evaluation: Very close to vista but runs 100 times better. To people who don’t think that its worth the upgrade because being so close to vista, take in consideration of a better and smoother running OS. The payday loans that you used here will be worth it.


Thanks Mani,
Mani I think DT should hire you as moderator for blogs and forum, you seem to be so attached to DT, :-))))) and its good to know that there is some active reader who responds. Keep up the good job Mani.


Great! You deserve it ;)

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