The Liao He Bridge

The Liao He River has been pouring endlessly into the Bo Hai See for thousands years. The vast country land of alluvial plane feeds innumerable people around the river in generations. The plane is one of the most important marshland of the whole nation and one of the largest oilfields is located. It is the main rice production area too.

As the speedy development of economic and society, the people’s demands of traffic and transportation becomes higher and higher. The expressway emerged as the times demand.

The pictures are about the expressway bridge which is as long as nearly 2000 meters long across the Liao He River. The bridge is set near the river mouth.

Photo credits: Buford Wong.

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April 08, 2008


The Liaohe River is both in Lining and Hebei provences.

April 08, 2008


LiaoHe river is in Liaoning province, isn't it?

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