Licences and how to obtain them for my art work, help!

Mountain Lion

I went yesterday from being totally excited to have a new source for my art. I bought several photos that I would love to paint.

Then I realized there are difference kinds of licenses and I might not have bought the right to paint these.

Who understands when I need to buy a pel license and how much do they cost and what photos are elligible?

Also I want to become a contributor of my horses jumping and jiving.

Could someone please clarify the license for art. I have a show in the Lost City Museum in Jan and would love to have some new pieces.

Thanks to anyone who can help. Tammy

Photo credits: Moose Henderson.
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January 04, 2011

I wish I could help you with answer to your specific questions but thanks for using my image to illustrate your blog article, I am honored.


January 04, 2011

Please contact support for any information regarding licenses required to use our images as well as on details on how to upload files.


December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!At China, it has 2011!!!