Life in a Bus Ride

Time and again bollywood reminds of a dialogue that people keep repeating to each other “Ladkiyan buses jaisi hoti hai... ek jaati hai to doosri chali aati hai” (Girls are like buses, if you miss one bus you can always catch the next one). I don’t know whether this is a pessimist dialogue or something that really solves depression of a heartbroken lover. Thinking about it more deeply made me feel like this whole BUS transportation system works with different characters and entities in all relations. Just trying trying to put through a stupid idea that popped up in my head. This aint a serious blog like I always write... I am too busy or maybe emotionally exhausted at the moment to write the usual blogs. When this idea came up at 1 AM at night, I still went ahead to put i down to fill up the missing gap in the timeline of my blogs. I hope I make it short I have to wake up early tomm.

TYPE 1 Person : A PASSENGER who stands on the bus stop and waits for the bus to come. Might or might not catch the right bus. If the person missed the right bus one will catch the different one taking to the same decision. In a bad case the person catches the wrong bus in desperation to get down at a junction and then change the bus again. In the worst case the person gets no bus.

TYPE 2 Person : The person is THE BUS itself. Maybe one passenger or more get in. The bus travels from one source to destination enjoying every single passenger ride on it. Taking this seriously if the bus takes more passengers than it actually should causing an overload, it will eventually breakdown half way. The bus not being a small vehicle keeps carrying multiple passengers ruining itself due to wear and tear.

TYPE 3 Person : The driver would rather represent a person who is influencing the TYPE 2 PERSON - THE BUS. The driver is driving the bus and in some way trying to convince the bus that the destination that the driver is taking it to, is the right destination. One can imagine of a HIJACK here. :)

TYPE 4 Person : The TICKET CHECKER who is controlling who can get in the bus and who cannot. The poor bus might not want an overload or just rely on the ticket checker to check that the right people are riding it with the right permissions (tickets). If the ticket checker is corrupt or stupid... the bus will break down.

TYPE 5 Person : THE ILLEGAL PASSENGER is a kind of person who will get into the bus just for a free ride. The bus is so much used to multiple passengers and so is the conductor who might miss on even checking on a passenger traveling for free. This kind of passenger has the least to loose. It has a habit of climbing into any bus with a particular destination in mind. He enjoys the ride and gets away clean.

If a relational algorithm is created from the above entities, one will find that all these roles are habitual. The role of the bus and the passenger itself are worst. Replace a bus with a vehicle that a passenger is trying to buy. A passenger might be buying a new vehicle not knowing that it is used, at the same time the passenger might be buying a used vehicle not knowing how many times it has been used for real. In the worst case the passenger might not be aware that this vehicle is jinxed to change its owners too soon. In the vehicles case the vehicle might find a new buyer wealthy and nice hoping for royal life, but the buyer might be renting out the vehicles! The vehicle might not be maintained or attended well if the buyer has too many of them. A buyer might abuse the used vehicle if it fails to perform as much as the seller had promised him it would, or maybe it fails to perform as much as it did in the trial ride.

In whatever the cases the drivers, ticket checkers and the bus stops have nothing to loose. The spectators might be people around traveling in other modes of transportation just watching you and gossiping about u but these drivers & ticket checkers can be dangerous. Drivers and ticket checkers are the people who can influence your life or control you unknowingly. Mostly stupid, indecisive or overconfident people will fall in their corrupt traps.

The public transport vehicles represent people who are known to keep only few people like driver and ticket checker on board all the time while changing the passengers habitually all the time. They might be circulating the people in a particular relation many times and still not feeling anything wrong or messy about it. They are so much used to the fact that they are confident to carry next passenger till whatever destination as long as they can. The passengers who board or buy wrong vehicles are generally emotional fools who go more on instincts and less on logic and suffer equally boarding or buying a wrong vehicle.

To end the blog finally to make the friends of my spiritual network happy - ITS FATE! hahaha but still I suggest you all to identify with the above examples and then correct yourself or play safe!



Photo credits: Nikhil Gangavane.

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October 25, 2010


Hi Thanks Everyone!
@smartview - ofcourse you can present my opinion. if needed when my spiritual counseling site is launched you can also lead people to it.

October 21, 2010


I just came from a parents meeting from my daugher's school. In the next meeting I will present your opinion, if you will allow me. Thank you. Interesting connections.

October 20, 2010


I loved your blog! its a nice analogy, bus ride!

October 20, 2010


Lovely blog.

October 20, 2010


great article :)

October 19, 2010


Beautiful article and pictures!

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