Life with a Cause

We all live a life , we live and we will die question is what we will we be leaving behind.

I dont want to be one of many stock artists / designers / illustrators/ mom / wife / woman / a person / a human who lived and went . There fore i am putting a cause to my life with all my heart , i want to give that satisfaction of doing something that changed a life , i want to live another day with a cause! I have started this little project of mine where i will be distributing books to children in need and children who dont have access to books , is it their fault? . I know i cant reach many but i can reach only few ofcourse with your help i can reach many

please follow the link if you want to join my cause digg and forward , share the link as well. I cant give authenticity only my word but i will try to share the pics of the children recieving books by you.

Chip in whatever you can

Photo credits: Sparkia.

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December 13, 2007


Thanks Boughn for your input :) i know there are plenty of people doing the same i am also running an NGO back home we are just couple of friends trying to reach these people , worked and seen back home we have also seen that not infact all the aid has reached them , people are still surviving to make their day to day ends meet . who will think for a child's education when you are still living in a tent!! . And the satisfaction one gets by giving something through your own hand and seeing that smile and hearing those words is just out of this world ... i hope you can chip in as well :)

December 12, 2007


You have a valiant task. May I suggest that you put your good will with others who already have organized but still are very much in need of help? Here is a great cause that is building schools in your area of the world. It is difficult for one person to make a difference on their own but together people can accomplish a huge undertaking. Just my thoughts.

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