Life with a dog

Pekingese dog

You have to shoot a lot of pictures to get a good one especially when your model is a dog.

Happy teenage girl with pekingese dog

He is not particularly interested in the story but in the embrace and the attention.

Pekingese dog

She also holds him tight when he is forced to look at his drawing.

A teen girl lies on the floor

Sometimes one photograph is enough to understand the story of his life.

Teenage girl and dog at the beach

At the beach.

Teen girl with pekingese dog

And when he's happy, most of the time he's happy.

Photo credits: Ricky Goshen.
Ricky Goshen
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  • Rickygoshen
  • Haifa, Israel
M.A. in Philosophy and Literature
Writing journalism and fiction.
Love to shoot objects with character and beauty.
I have two girls who like to pose. They are the "house models"

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September 01, 2019

A little late but thank you


July 27, 2018

I love those photos! Very insiring of new ideas. Always looking for something to add some zing to the pet adoption photographs! Thanks!