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I have been reflecting on the subject of life lately. Primarily my own, but also in general. After returning from Iraq, my perspective has changed and I have learned to appreciate little things in a whole new light.

While contemplating life, I found myself flipping through old photo albums. I have done this many times before without much thought, but this time it struck me that these albums were a photographic chronicle of my life, from birth until today.

Each photo that I looked at brought back all of the memories and emotions of that moment in time. I reflected on what was going on that day ie. birthday, school picture day, that camping trip to the lake when I was 8, and so on.

© Pozn
I saw people that I haven't seen in years, some who have passed away, some who just moved away. I saw smiles, frowns, crazy poses, friends, family, pets, and places I haven't been to in a long time. Once my memory started churning, I began thinking about things that I have seen, places I have been, and people that I know, which weren't present in my albums. I began to regret not having a photo of these things, because some of these memories were growing dim.

There were people I knew, whose faces I couldn't quite recall. Places I had been, though the details were no longer crisp. Occasions that I can barely recall. I began wonder how many memories were lost to me. I concluded that I intend to attempt to record as much of the rest of my life, and the lives of those dear to me, as I can. Most of these images will be only viewed by myself, and my friends and family, but they will become a part of our human record.

Confirmation that we lived to generations to come. My goal is for these images to tell a story so that others may be able to look through a window into the world that we have seen.

© Anirav

I have updated my "Greatest Inventions" list to have the camera at the top of the list. Granted a video camera can also capture these things, but I am kind of old school in my belief that "a picture is (still) worth a thousand words" .

Photo credits: Varina And Jay Patel, Carmina Jinga, Elena Ray Microstock Library © Elena Ray, Glenda Powers, Photowitch, Yuriy Poznukhov, Rechitan Sorin.

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August 26, 2008


A still photograph gives the viewer the luxury of studying the scene, thinking about it, mulling over the fine details. Video has its own merits, but I completely agree with you that the still photo is valuable.

A nice post!

August 26, 2008


great article. It is true that we have so many opportunities all round us, but we so often let them pass by and miss them.

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