Life in Xiamen - No.1

Xiamen is a city in South China. It's near the South Chinese sea. And Xiamen city is a very small island. I have lived in this seaside city for four years. Four years ago I went to Xiamen to study in the Xiamen Unversity. As a student Xiamen is a very nice place to study and live.

In my first twenty years I lived in Shanghai, it's one of the biggest and modernest city in China. So in my mind, Xiamen is a city near sea and it's very beautiful and peaceful. The life in Xiamen is very comfortable. The sky is blue and the wind and air is fresh.

And Xiamen Unversity is a very beautiful unversity in China. A lot of people believe that Xiamen Unversity is the most beautiful unversity in China. The campus is full of trees and historial buildings and flowers. There ara also a lot of modern buildings in the campus.

I will graduate in this summer. So I want to record the life in Xiamne by the photos whicn I take.

No.1 The scenery is one part of Xiamen. No.2 It's a building in Xiamen Unversity.

© Fjord

© Fjord

Photo credits: Wenyan Wu.

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