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I was in a photo workshop not too long ago and our instructor told us a great idea for creating a light diffuser in a pinch. Basically, take a kleenx and wrap it around your flash and secure with a rubber band. Easy peasy,and it works pretty well. Since I don't have an actual light diffuser yet, I keep these items in my camera bag and it helps when I need it to! For a shoehorn flash, he also said (well washed) plastic milk cartons work well. Simply cut off the spout part enough so it fits over the flash, and cut off the bottom about 2 inches from the bottom and then invert it into the jug. Believe it or not, it works BETTER than many expensive light diffusers! But I don't suggest showing up to photograph a wedding with that on your camera.....

Photo credits: Rachel Duchesne.

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June 23, 2012


Thanks for this idea, it works great !

June 19, 2012


Thanks for sharing!

June 17, 2012


nice idea

June 16, 2012


Your image is great.

June 16, 2012


Thanks for the ideas :)

June 16, 2012


Thanks for shearing! All success!

June 16, 2012


Beautiful result, congratulations!

June 15, 2012


Great tips, thank you!

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