Light streaming through a window.

We've all seen fabulous photos like this one where you can see the sunlight streaming through a window. Did you ever wonder if that effect could be duplicated in an 3D image? In searching for that picture, all that came up were actually photos.

But then I found this tutorial! Streaming Light It was created for Bryce, but I'm sure something similar could be achieved in any program that uses lights that you can place yourself.

So, fellow 3D artists, go out there and create something new! We can't let the photogs have all the fun!

Photo credits: Alexkalina.

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June 08, 2009


It appears Peter Sharpe has taken down his site. The tutorial you give does the same thing.

June 07, 2009


The link is broken in your post, but I think you were referring to this great tutorial.

September 03, 2007


That's great I look forward to seeing them and maybe trying out a few myself? :-)

September 03, 2007


Tony, I plan to. I've been looking for tutorials to create some of these effects. I wanted to try some of them myself.

September 02, 2007


That's really cool. You should do a series on 3d tutorials like i do with the photoshop ones? :-)

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