Light tent, Do you really need one ?

When I first started to interest in stock photography as a new-bi recently.I decided to purchase a light dome from Amazon or somewhere else.

After a little googling I changed my mind and built my own lightbox similar to the one in this URL

It was a few days later, when I discovered that a fluorescent light in my mothers kitchen counter was giving me the ability of a better and easier working environment than a light box could do.

Since a light box has "walls", it can restrict the size of the object you want to capture . Therefore you better make a place in your home for capturing object photos, instead of buying or building a light tent. ( sure if you are a beginner like me ! otherwise I assume that you have adequate equipment which I still dont have :) )

What really matters is a fluorescent top light, which kills the shadows and gives you a better white background.

I think the only advantage of a lightbox is its soft light which can prevent the reflections on the surface of the brighter objects. You can avoid from the reflections via changing the distance of the light , or maybe putting a transparent fabric on front of it between the light and the object ( dont start fire please ! )

Thank you very much for reading.

Hope to hear your comments ...

Photo credits: Serdar Tibet.


box light tent

Your article must be written in English

December 14, 2009


good one and good luck for the next ones!

December 11, 2009


Good luck Serdar and many many sales and tons of experience!

December 09, 2009


Thank you all for sharing your comments and ideas with me

December 09, 2009


improvising can be a solution. Good luck in DT world, Serdar!

December 08, 2009


I have one but never used. Prefer to use paper backgrounds and background-holders.

December 08, 2009


I also started with a lightbox but I prefer to use an umbrella and strobe setup nowadays as the object I can shoot is not limited by the size of the lightbox.

December 08, 2009


i don't have a lightbox and haven't yet tried out the fluorescent light - i take my isolated pics in my white kitchen under a window on a bright day, no direct sunlight - sometimes it's tricky but till now that's what i've got :)

December 08, 2009


you can always make one but for the time it takes and the material you buy it may be worth just buying one, I have one that I use for smaller objects for the times im a little to lazy to break out all of the non strobe gear

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