Light use techniques on the still life photography

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Photography is the Light useart, especially still life photography. Light use well can can fully express photography originality. According to different textures to light reflection to the different of the object can be roughly divided into: suction light body, reflective body, gives. Some products quality of a material suction light body, reflective between body and gives one or both between suction light body, reflective body, or have three in one --combination of composite.


Suction light body, including clothing, fur, cloth, food, fruit, matt plastic, ceramic, etc, these products coarse light reflex is stable and the itself visual hierarchies abundant, electrical lights a normally with side light, frontlighting, side frontlighting primarily, and light are small, which makes its level and colour are as more rich.


Reflective body is some smooth surface of metal or no pattern porcelain. They are very smooth surface, light reflex relatively strong capacity, is like a mirror, so shaping reflective bodies usually let its appear "black-and-white" contrast visual effect. And to show their surface smooth, cannot make a three-dimensional surface appear in multiple not unified flare or dark spots, the best approach is to adopt an area of light or use irradiation illumination, light reflex the area of the bigger the better.

Try the most critical reflective bodies is reflective effects of processing, therefore in actual photography in general use black or white paperboard to glance.


like mostly wine and water liquid or glass products. because the light can penetrate gives the itself, in modifying commonly used while backlight, the backlight etc. Light quality partial hard, make its produce exquisitely carved art effect, reflect the texture.

Using backlight bits, illuminant can penetrate through the gives, the simple sense in different form different brightness, sometimes to strengthen gives form modelling, and make its and highlight backlight background dissection, can be in the left, right and gives above and black paperboard to outline model lines. In using backlight time should also note cannot make light appeared, general use lambency paper to cover light source.

Photo credits: Lzf.

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January 04, 2011


FOR me it's a great opportunity - posted by Solomonisgreat on January 03, 2011

thanks for your comments and that's the opportunity to me also.

January 03, 2011


FOR me it's a great opportunity

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