Hi everyone, today I like to share how I created the lighting for my this latest picture.

Joyful Christmas Present

Well we all know in short there are two kind of lighting, continuous light (which is sunlight, tungsen, torch or....... ) and strobe light (which is flash).

In this picture I used both, click the link below to the setting picture I share from my page.

1) First light shine through the tracing to create that soft light toward the face.

2) Second light is a snoot with honeycomb that light up the Christmas present.

3) Third light is the kicker for highlight on the hair, shoulder and the teddy bear.

4)Last Light is a big honeycomb to give that extra light on the Christmas tree.

My camera setting is Aperture 5.6, ISO 100 and Speed 8 second for capturing the Christmas tree light.

Again the setting is in my home base mini studio where I close up all the light for total darkness, only allow the Christmas tree light to be capture in.

Is fun and thanks to my lovely daughter who always be my talent.

Feel free to ask any question.

Thanks !!!

Photo credits: HongChan001.
  • HongChan001

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January 26, 2012

I find lighting in all your studio work subtle, quite unique and fascinating. Kind regards


December 29, 2011



December 25, 2011

Very good light, good photo! Thank you!


December 08, 2011

Hi Joezachs, The setup is in a room where the room light is off (so it is dark) and only Christmas tree bulb light is on. Notice that the Christmas Tree is nearest to the camera therefore the light from the bulb will not effect the Talent behind so even I'm shooting with speed 8 second, any movement from the Talent will not be capture by the camera after the flash. Light theory no light no picture :) !


December 08, 2011

Great lightning tip!!


December 08, 2011



December 07, 2011

If the exposure was for 8 seconds, the subjet has to be real still. How did she hold that pose for so long?


December 07, 2011

Thanks very much for sharing Chan. Wish you more sales..


December 06, 2011

Hi Syamin, that's a very good question. First the only continuous light in this picture is the Christmas tree bulb. Second the snoot and honeycomb are all light modifier that's help shape the light direction to where we want them to be, there are mounted on the flashlight. Lastly for that tracing, as we all know the bigger the light the softer the shadow. So here I DIY my own bigger version of Softbox by framing my tracing paper on to a frame (like a big photo frame as what you can see in my link.) You can DIY them is so so easy and CHEAP. I will do one blog regarding those modifier I m using so to help out those who like to know more about them. Thanks again Syamin.


December 05, 2011

Nice pic Chan! you have shown the great effect and importance of lighting to bring up the mood and warm atmoshere. I have a question here...1) how does the snoot honeycomb work? i mean is it continuous or flash lighting? 2) I've seen that tracing in your demonstration pic (attached in your blog), what is the name exactly? (in case i want to get one). Thank you.


December 05, 2011

It is a great photo.. Thanks for letting us know how you did it.


December 04, 2011

Beautiful photo. Congratulations!!!


December 04, 2011

Thanks everyone !! I m glad to be able to share my experience here, and Ewapix my daughter love art I guess she has some of my genetic Ha Haa...... I like to keep the shooting time short about 5 to 10 minute per session so she won't ......??.


December 04, 2011

Very nice image and lighting !


December 04, 2011

Hi, many thanks for sharing the tips! The only thing you didn't say was how did you make your lovely daughter to sit so patiently - my two daughters never sit still for long enough :-) they are truly fidgety and get easily bored too! I think the real talent of a photographer is to make your model feel so happy and so comfortable as you managed to achieve - congratulations! Ewapix


December 04, 2011

Thanks! Love the lighting tips.


December 04, 2011

Well done and thanks for sharing :-)


December 04, 2011

It is a very helpful article! Thank you very much for sharing!


December 04, 2011

Is a magic atmosphere, nice work, congratulations!


December 03, 2011

A beautiful capture!