Lighting and the ollympus camera equipment

Hello i have an olympus E-510 camera and a 14-42mm lens and a 50-200mm lens and a olympus FL-36 flash. I have most of my interior rejections due to lighting and artifacting. I do not have great technical capabilities although I am willing to learn.

i am open to discussion and advice thanks in advance,

Peter .

Photo credits: Arlene Van Der Heyden.

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I thought that should use PS to adjust, Here


I have trouble with indoor shots, also. I love the picture! It really captures the moment.


PS...I forgot to mention that I dont really take that many indoor shots myself so maybe someone else who does do more indoor/studio photography will be able to give more input.


Hi Peter, I think a lot of people get rejections because of lighting issues. The thing that you may need to look at is not using direct flash as it has harsh lighting and causes shadows, try bouncing your flash off a white ceiling or a wall to the side of the subject and use reflectors to "push" the light back on the subject and eliminate as many shadows as possible. Another technique is to try use available light by placing your subject near a window, again using a reflector to bounce back some of the light on the subject to avoid shadows or lack of lighting to one side of the subject. There are many good threads to read about lighting techniques in DT, try looking under the message boards general threads for more tips and tricks.

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