Lights out or bye bye photography

We made plans to go on a trip. We decided the date for late May, early June.

Then we started dreaming. I used to dream of relaxation (people see me as a lazy person, therefore i dream about free time) and she was dreaming of traveling.

This image is not part of my dream or hers. I still have trouble taking a photo while sleeping.

Others might get luckier. Should someone find a way to photodream or maybe dreamphoto, please send a reply!

Besides being lazy, I am very anxious. It is now already late. Three whole days have passed since we started dreaming: 'Darlin' let's go next weekend'. She starts laughing shocked and in a flash dismisses the idea. 'I did tell you... always told you were crazy!'

She then sips from a cup of coffee and starts smiling.

'You know what? Let's just go and forget everything!

So she starts packing the very next day and we "hit the road, Jack'.

We would be on the road in my small, blue Peugeot 107 on a rainy Wednesday afternoon.

She argues we would have bad weather. 'Nonsense', i day, 'this is the perfect travel... You don't want extra sunlight until we get there, right?' Two days later, we go out in a rainy Budapest, by nightfall. I receive my blessing: 'I told you so!' We will have great days. Let's take a walk through the city. I pack my tripod and camera, grab her hand and we go out of the hotel room and take a bus to the historical center.

We start our stroll on one side of the great river, the Danube. It's rainin' and pourin' yet the empty Buda hill is stretching one invitation towards us. And we accept, though in the end we get really wet.

Behind the bridge, the parliament building sends light rays to the sky and has done that for quite some time. Any response? Yet to be seen! However, that is our final destination for the night. Then we would return on the other side and take a few shots at the castle and Fisherman's Bastion.

We arrived and she's happy. It is getting late. Hunger strikes ferociously. We stop and enjoy a pizza right across the parliament building's side of the river.

Then we head right back at the Chain Bridge and we try to cross the bridge. The time is 0:57 in the morning. It's still raining and she gets a little angry towards my photography:'You suck anyway, dear... Why must we stay in the rain another half hour when we could get cozy in the hotel with a glass of wine?'

Well, darlin' coz i'm trying to gather memories of us so we could cherish when we're old. And want to make a few bucks out of dreamstime!'

The answer was meant to annoy her, so she gets angrier. 'It's only the beauty of this city that makes me follow you!' But she does, and we already have crossed half of the Chain Bridge when... boom, all the lights go out and the city is flooded with darkness. It's now 1:00. At my right i here laughter. We hurry back to the bus station and leave the rest for the second night:

Her laughter was some kind of evil curse, still reverberating through my head. We did serve good wine though! And we had a few sunny days afterwards.

Photo credits: Vlad Limir Berevoianu.

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May 15, 2014


Your images are very beautiful. Good luck.

May 10, 2014


beautiful photos at night and memories to last forever. something to be said for a walk in the rain!

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