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© Sunmdm
© Sunmdm

Beihai is one of beautiful park in Beijing which I like to visit frequently.

Beihai Park has been a playground for emperors for hundreds of years. Some attribute this site to Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan and founder of the Yuan Dynasty in China. The island at the southern end of the lake is said to have been created by excavating the lake on the orders of Kublai Khan, and this location is associated with his great palace. This would have been the centre of Beijing before the Forbidden city was build in the Ming and Qing dynasties. Unfortunately, all that remains of the Khan’s palace today s a large jar made of green jade.

Dominating this island, known as the Jade Islet, is a 36m high white dagoba, originally built in 1651 and then rebuilt in 1741. This is one of the most famous dagobas in all of China.

Another attraction in Beihai Park is the nine Dragon Wall. sculpted in seven colours of glazed tile. Screen walls were common in traditional architecture for giving privacy to an entrance as well as serving as a symbol of rank. The number 9 and the dragon are both symbols of the Emperor. The screen wall in Beihai Park is considered the most splendid of three similar walls in China dating from the Ming dynasty. So the wall in Beihai Park is definitely worth seeing when you visit.

Photo credits: Sun Xuejun.

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