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Everyone has his story about everything. For example, I like photography.

Many years ago, I like it only through enjoying photos. Because no money buying camera. But however, I like it and enjoy it, never tired for it.

When I have my-own camera, I treated them just like my lovers. Looking at the camera, the lens...I always feel satisfaction everytime. Because I like them.

Although I will tired when finished photography, Whether myself or with other photographers, I always enjoy the course. Because I like it.

When I join DT and become a photographer working exclusively with , I have still more sense of achievement now. In DT, I uploading images, blogging, adding comments, they are so interesting. Because I like it.

In fact, for each person, it always. For work,for life, for all of the interesting thing, as you like, then do it! I think this is the truth for each person.

Photo credits: Xianghong Wu.

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May 12, 2014


Because of like, so stick

Yes , I think so . Thanks !

May 11, 2014


Because of like, so stick

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