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In keeping with my promise to write something totally useless here; something with little or no redeeming qualities; something that while having the appearance of lucidity, in fact caters to our base and more primal functions, I give you the first of what may be several (or not), Photography Based Limericks. Please feel free to add your own or assail them as you wish. And since it is unlikely that I will receive any credits for this, please don't assume that this was a cheap attempt to get free credits. :)

There once was a woman from Crockett,

Who kept her best lens in her pocket,

But while climbing a wall,

She took a bad fall,

Now the lens is so hosed she can't hock it.

A spendthrift used Rubber Cement,

To patch up his old camera's dent,

But he dropped it one day,

And the thing bounced away,

And he's yet to find out where it went.

Along with these Limericks I'd like to post a couple of my photos here, that have nothing to do with the Limericks, but are, I think interesting enough.

Photo credits: Lightart.

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April 17, 2008


Well, actually they lease some of their land to them...

February 20, 2008


I am too shy
to write my rhymes...

February 19, 2008


Well, did you get the credit? ;P

February 18, 2008


as always don i love your images. the limericks were just the right touch tonight as i go off to make tea ( last night we had irish breakfast tea - thus the connection)
glad to see these, i stopped by your portfolio the other day, i always like check my favorite photographers when they have new images. i have been a little behind lately in my browsing.

February 18, 2008


LOL... I did enjoy reading your limericks and your short little first paragraph above here also! What a view on that there panorama image, all 3 photos are a treat I think! And, thanks so much for stopping by, reading AND commenting on my first ever blog! ;~)

February 18, 2008


You are TOO funny! I think I like the Vineyards and Mustard best. Probably because of the lines.

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