Lithuanian winter

Hello to all :)

Soon start winter, beautiful time of year. I am waiting snow and ice . Before that I would like to show few photos about last winters in Lithuania.

If you like, more photos can found in my collection - Winter lanscape and plants.

Best wishes!

Winter trees

Lithuanian winter landscape

Flood in Rusne, Lithuania

Lithuanian landscape in winter

Country highroad and tree in frost , Lithuania

Beautiful sunset near river

Trees in field, winter

Village Minge in winter , Lithuania

Lithuanian winter landscape

Lithuanian winter landscape

Photo credits: Milllda.
  • Milllda
Thanks to everyone for visiting my portfolio and downloading photos.

A very big thanks to the buyer who bought a lot of pictures of Lithuania.

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December 05, 2016

Amazing images!


December 04, 2016

Beautiful :-)


November 27, 2016

Beautiful images.


November 19, 2016

Awesome images!! Congratulations and wish you all the best...


November 17, 2016

I love winter and snow so these images are wonderful for me. I also like the differences in light. Nice!


November 17, 2016

Thanks to all who watched my blog and to all which wrote coments :)


November 17, 2016

Fantastic shots. Lithuaba ist beautyfoul.


November 16, 2016

Beautiful images of Lithuania! Thanks for sharing Milllda!


November 16, 2016

Fabulous pictures! And I feel cold!


November 16, 2016

beautiful photos Milllda :)


November 16, 2016

Congrats! Great images :-)
We had a lot of snow in Stockholm last week, but now its gone...


November 16, 2016

Gorgeous photos!


November 16, 2016

Wow Fantastic!