A little extra work pays of

I have not been uploading as much as I would like lately.

But I did put some extra work in the pictures I made.

And the extra work did pay of!

Only two weeks after uploading I had my first level 2 image. Here it is, my manipulated food!

Hope the rest of the series will also do well.

I put quite some time brainstorming, a little time to put it together,

a few seconds pushing the release and a bit of time processing.

In the end I'm quite proud of the result.

I really pays of to plan your shooting, and to think out of the box.

Photo credits: Dirk Ercken.

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August 24, 2010


thanks, I originally take those pictures for my photography course. In september I'm planning to complete this series with a 10 to 15 extra pictures

August 24, 2010


they are really cool. love the pear with rivets :)

August 23, 2010


I like those series of yours. keep up the good work :)

December 17, 2009


Congratulations: very creative!! The pear is fantastic IMHO. Bye, Rob.

December 17, 2009


they are very original!!!

December 17, 2009


thanks for your comments. And indeed I suspect that getting an editors choice helped a lot! Over 700 views in two weeks. Hopefully the image got stored in some lightboxes.

December 17, 2009


What a great idea - I love the pear - hope you do well with them.

December 17, 2009


Very creative & keep continue :)

December 17, 2009


Very "tastefully" done.. Good luck with sales :)

December 17, 2009


intersting concepts, Dirk!

December 16, 2009


Very clever and well-done!
Besides genetic alteration of food, they also bring to mind body modification.

Best wishes

December 16, 2009


Very different, well done and good luck with them further.Congrats on getting an editors choice as well.

December 16, 2009


Nice & creative... Good luck with them! Cheers ;)

December 16, 2009


Very creative, well done!

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