A little persistence

My first blog on Dreamstime finds me thinking about persistence. I'm not entirely new to the concept of stock photography. I spent over a decade as a graphic artist. However, being on the other end of the image has a whole host of new challenges.

The biggest challenge facing me, as a new stock photographer, is having the persistence to stay in the game. 1200 images to upload? Better roll up your sleeves and get out your eagle eye because I'm willing to bet some of those photos are going to be shot down.

The good news is that it IS okay to be turned down. You know the old adage, practice makes perfect? It's true. Yes, it can be tough to wade through the rejections on a daily basis. Yes, it can be frustrating waiting for the sales to start flowing.Yet, for those who are passionate about their cameras, stock photography isn't all about turning a quick buck (though an occasional sale does help to keep boost one's spirits.) For me this is about developing a skill set and getting a little exposure. For me, this is about finally having the courage to step out and say, "Yes, I'm good enough today, and I can only get better."

Over the 2 stock sites I've joined I have approximately 50 photos uploaded. Fortunately, I've another 50 waiting in the wings. And you know what? There's another 50 after that etc. etc.

I will persist. I hope you will too.

Photo credits: Suprijono Suharjoto, Constantin Opris, Destinyvispro.

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