Little psychological survey to music

Music as a miracle: Little psychological survey to music

Music is a very special and specific non-verbal form of communication. It brings information about inner and outer world through unique expressing method. Thanks to this ability may influence, iniciate and re-unit listeners. Through the medium of music are convaied emotional contents (sadness, tiredness, happiness etc.) and also processes and connotations (storm, party, break up etc).

When transmitting, music is using the coherence between music and reality which corresponds with direct or indirect similarity. Connotation develop very individually so connotations of author, interpret and listener may not match.

Prof Adrian North from Herriot-Watt University conducted a study of linking personality atributes to choices in music.

“Researchers have been showing for decades that fans or rock and rap are rebellious, and that fans of opera are wealthy and well-educated, but this is the first time that research has shown that personality links to liking for a wide range of musical styles. We asked people to rate how much they liked 104 musical styles, before then completing a personality test. 36518 people from all around the world took part, and the research is by far the largest study of musical preference and personality ever undertaken.”

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“Jazz and classical music fans are creative and have good self-esteem, but the former are much more outgoing whereas the latter are shy. Country and western fans are hardworking and shy, whereas rap fans are outgoing. Indie fans lack self-esteem, and aren’t terribly gentle people, but are at least creative. Contrary to the stereotype, heavy metal fans are gentle and at ease with themselves”

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“People often define their sense of identity through their musical taste, wearing particular clothes, going to certain pubs, and using certain types of slang. It’s not so surprising that personality should also be related to musical preference.”

The following table details links between personality and some prevalent musical styles. An ‘↑’ means that people who like the musical style score higher on this aspect of personality, and an ‘↓’ means that people who like the musical style score lower on this aspect of personality. If 0 then there is no relationship






6=At ease

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-----1 -- 2 -- 3-- 4-- 5 -- 6--

Latino ↑-- ↑-- ↑-- ↑-- ↑-- ↑--

Blues ↑-- ↑-- 0-- ↑-- 0-- ↑--

Funk ↑-- ↑-- ↓-- ↑-- 0-- ↑--

Jazz ↑-- ↑-- 0-- ↑-- 0-- ↑--

Classical ↑-- ↑-- 0-- ↓-- 0-- ↑--

Country & western0-- 0-- ↑-- ↑-- 0-- 0--

Rap ↑-- 0-- 0-- ↑-- 0-- 0--

Dance music 0-- ↑-- 0-- ↑-- ↓-- 0--

Indie ↓-- ↑-- ↓-- 0-- ↓-- 0--

Punk ↓-- ↑-- ↓-- 0-- ↓-- 0--

Rock /heavy m. ↓-- ↑-- ↓-- ↓-- ↑-- ↑--

Chart pop ↑-- ↓-- ↑-- ↑-- ↑-- ↓--

Swing ↑-- ↑-- 0-- 0-- 0-- ↑--

Does it really match??

Photo credits: Ivan Bliznetsov, Konstantin Yuganov, Heidi Schneider, James Steidl, Li Wu, Pavel Losevsky, Barbara Battista, Solarseven.

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music makes the wold go around and is a universal language. even if you do not understand the words you can keep time to the rhythm. Peter


I agree with this scale, I love Latino music specially Tango and I think it's positive in all aspects :)

And I believe music is one of the essential things for a good spirit...


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