Little Things Mean Alot!

'Vision is the art of seeing something that is invisible to others' Jonathan Swift

This blog is about the little things that alot of people don't ever see when looking at a subject. When alot of people look at a subject and take a photograph they focus on getting the whole of that subject in the shot, whereas sometimes just a small detail of that subject can look absolutely amazing and say more than if they shot it the conventional way.

I must admit, this happens to very much be a love of mine and I always seem to search out the hidden jewels in subjects that people often miss or don't even see. Little things are important and if taken well can result in an image that gives multiple interpretations to that photograph and practically that means it becomes more versatile and can also be used for alot more purposes, as it becomes more abstract in nature.

So next time you are out shooting and you don't see anything in sight that really excites you, look again, but this time put your (invisible) magnifying glass in front of your eyes and look for those wonderful little details in the subject and get down there and play a little. It is not only fun but the results are often fantastic and so rewarding.

If you are out lying in a field, drop down to the ground and have another look, you will be amazed at the new world that opens before your eyes. My family used to get embarrassed when they went on photo shooting outings with me, as I would often end up flat out, spread eagle on the ground, shooting shoelaces on a hikers boot! Now of course, they are very used to me, and expect to see me in such positions.

I encourage everyone that is out hunting for a great shot and not finding very much at all that is inspiring them to look a bit harder and search out the little things hiding from them, they are true gems and give a very unique and different insight to quite a normal everyday subject matter!

But be prepared to take on some very awkward and at times quite ridiculous poses and positions to get these fantastic small detailed images, but trust me, it is worth it!!!

Happy snapping.



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March 12, 2013


I just have a grammar tip: alot is not a word. It should be two words: a lot

March 04, 2013


Great shots illustrating this blog!

March 01, 2013


Inspiring :-)

February 28, 2013


Thanks for writing this article! I'm getting out my macro lens this weekend :-)

February 27, 2013


Thanks for sharing, really nice blog

February 27, 2013


It is beautiful photo!

February 27, 2013


Very useful reminder.......... thanks for that....... David

February 26, 2013


thanks for the very good advices, they have inspired me!

February 26, 2013


Very nice blog! Good advices! Thanks for sharing!

February 26, 2013


Yes very true. Sometimes I look at the larger picture and I am sure miss a lot, thanks for the reminder.

February 26, 2013


Nice article! Thank you for sharing.

February 26, 2013


You're totally right, we have to hunt harder for great images in common things. Thanks for sharing.

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