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Hutong of Beijing

Remember some scholar said, the person living in Beijing generally, once left, will keep thinking about it in the main, indeed, the big and small hutong here and that fan door opened the Chinese courtyard house to the hutong. The hutong and blue sky covered the Chinese courtyard house with high all sides, pick up the ears to hear so that a burst of come in long and clear and melodious pigeon sentry post yet, will make blow limitless reverie suddenly ....

This seems to be a piece of nostalgic times, the indomitable expansion of the city, we begin to cherish the memory of those simple and simple hutongs instead, the hospitable greeting among neighbourhood in the hutong, that familiar one is peddled, seem to let oneself get back to childhood. The hutong is the important component of the culture of Beijing.

This is a group of ordinary common people's life epitome in China that year. Let us find out about natural conditions and social customs of place and gift in old Beijing of those years.

Photo credits: Linqong.

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February 05, 2008



February 04, 2008


Great images. Thank you for sharing the history with us. :)

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