They live in two centuries

They live in two centuries - XIX and XXI! It must be exiting! So they have an option - to ride a horse or to drive a car, to be called Mike or Sir Michelle, to go out in jeans and t-shirt or wearing elegant officer's uniform.

Sounds interesting? Asking who they are?

They are very special people who love history so much that every year on first September Sunday they put beautiful hand-made vintage clothes and accessories, set up a camp in the field and forget about the present for a while. They are called "re-enactors" or "living history lovers". I met many of them last weekend at Borodino battle reenactment in Moscow region.

It was such a great opportunity to take many photos of beautiful people and gorgeous animals - horses! For a photographer it's a chance to practice in different genres - portraiture, reportage, animalistic photography, landscapes! And I'm so grateful to all participants for this opportunity (and thanks to the warm autumn weather;).

Ekaterina Bykova


Burning house.

Group of soldiers-reenactors

Borodino battle historical reenactment.

Marching soldiers and horse riders.

French and Russian soldiers-reenactors fight on the battle field.

Group portrait of reenactors-soldiers of Russian army.

Photo credits: Ekaterina Bykova.

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September 11, 2014


Thank you very much, Susan! Yes, sure, I do not mind! You have a wonderful collection!

September 11, 2014


I love reenactment photos! can I add some of yours to my collection of time travel photos?

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